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17 Outdoor Building Sign Ideas To Get Your Business Noticed

Building signs are fantastic marketing tools because they serve as a branding tool and draw people in. When people see your building signage, it will directionally orientate them and remind them of your brand even if they don’t plan to stop in today. With custom building signs, you can make sure they remember you, so you’re the first place they return to when they need something that fits your business profile. Here are 17 amazing ways that you can use building signage to get customers into your doors. 

1. 3D Building Signs – Customized 3D building signs are a great way to really make your brand logo or graphic jump off the side of your building. 

2. Channel Letters – Channel letters are extremely popular because they offer a 3D appearance since they are thick and dynamic and reach off the wall of buildings once installed. 

3. Wall Decals – If you lease space and cannot add promotional materials or hang signs, then wall decals can often be the perfect solution to advertising your space. 

4. Monument Signs – Monument signs are usually erected four feet or so off the ground and are great ways to increase the number of people who notice your business. 

5. Light Up Signs – Your storefront receives traffic during the daytime and night hours, so capitalize on marketing opportunities by creating light-up exterior building signage

6. Custom Yard Signs – Custom yard signs extend your reach to residential areas. 

7. Banners – Banners are a great way to demand attention as people will look twice at large signs that are filled with information. 

8. Window Decals – If you have storefront windows, consider them an open canvas to cover with decals that accentuate your brand or advertise products or promotions. 

9. Pylon Signs – Sometimes referred to as high-rise signs, pylon signs usually run horizontally and are incredibly large. 

10. Vinyl Lettering – Vinyl lettering is another cool way to dress up exterior surfaces if you lease building space and are not allowed to invest in more permanent forms of building signs. 

11. Sandwich Boards – When there’s a sandwich board in the walkway of a store, people are forced to notice it. 

12. Custom Marquee Signs – If you own a restaurant, performing arts center, bar, concert hall, or anywhere else where you need to display changing information, custom building signs offer a great solution. 

13. Canopies – Canopies may be an old-fashioned business design, but they continue to last because they attract attention and can add a touch of elegance to your business. 

14. A-board Sign – Designed to reach out to foot traffic, A-board signs are great to place in front of businesses. 

15. Flag Sign – Flag signs with bold colors are a great way to demand attention and ensure customers locate your building within a sea of others quickly. 

16. Hanging Business Sign – Businesses with a cute or quaint look can benefit from a custom business sign that hangs over the entrance like something out of a southern movie. 

17. Digital Signage  – Digital signage is a great exterior option for a business with fluctuating sign needs. For instance, the digital display can be changed to advertise different shows, promotions, etc.

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