Monument Signs

4 Factors to Consider When Designing Monument Signs

Every business owner wants to make a great first impression. It may well start with a sign. Monument signs can make just the statement you’re looking for. 

What Are Monument Signs?

You might see a monument sign at the gateway to a state park, a church, school, or doctor’s office. Monument signs are typically large and low to the ground with information written prominently on them where customers can easily read it. They aren’t usually very tall. Monument signs are made from many different types of material. This type of signage is meant to be durable; with materials such as stone, brick, steel, or thick plastic used.

1. Color Contrast 

Contrasting your colors is very important when it comes to the readability of your monument signs for your business. A bad example of color contrast is using white letters on a light gray background. The background is going to be too light for the lettering to show up well. Opt for a white background with black or dark blue letters and your customers won’t have any trouble reading the information.

2. Readability

Fancy fonts are fun, but not when you can’t decipher what the sign says from more than a few feet away. Some flowery fonts can be difficult to read. A signage company can work with you to find fonts that represent your business well, while being easily read by your customers.

3. Durability of Materials

Many modern monument signs are made of highly durable materials such as brick or stone. Oftentimes the foundation of the sign will be made from concrete or other natural material while the actual face of the sign is PVC or some other durable plastic. This is a great option that can last for years.

4. Simplistic Design

Simplistic designs for monument business signs are usually the best as the look isn’t too chaotic to understand the actual intent of the sign. While you want to accurately portray your business and who you are, you don’t want to go overboard with the design.¬†

The Best Monument Business Signs for Your Business

The best monument signs for your business are going to be practical, but unique to your brand and its voice. You’ll want durability for a long-lasting sign so choosing the right material is important. 

In order to have a monument sign made that fits your company’s needs, you need a signage company that knows what they are doing and is willing to work with you to make your dreams a success. Reach out to Fresh Coast Signs and Graphics for a consultation today.

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