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5 Ways Your Lobby Could Make a Better First Impression

There are many ways that office signs can be used to improve your business. From providing helpful information to enhancing your interior spaces, these signs serve many purposes. However, one type of office sign that your business simply cannot live without is a lobby sign.

In many foyers, custom lobby signs are often the first thing people see when they enter. They can transform bare walls and the atmosphere of your lobby. They also pack a powerful punch when it comes to making great first impressions.

Consider the following ways that this signage could be influencing your guest experience within your establishment.

1. Welcome Guests with Lobby Signs

You can help create a warm, inviting space with signage in your lobby. Seconds count when it comes to making a first impression, and blank walls simply won’t create a wow factor when people arrive. You can set the tone for your business the moment people enter with custom lobby signs. Impressive signage will showcase that you care about your interior spaces and, more importantly, about creating a welcoming space for guests.

2. Showcase Your Brand

You can reinforce your company’s brand with custom lobby signs. Whether you choose one large sign that displays your name and logo or several smaller signs, be sure to tie them into your brand. This will create cohesion among your signage in a way that stands out for all the right reasons.

These signs can also be used to tell your brand’s story. Consider a timeline of achievements, awards, slogans, and other information that displays your credibility. If guests need to spend a moment or two in your foyer, this will give them a chance to learn about your company.

3. Use Lobby Signs to Inform Guests

If your company doesn’t have a staffed lobby, your signs are critical for communication. You can help guests take the desired action with informational signs when they enter. Perhaps you want them to take a seat, fill out paperwork, or travel to your unit directly — signage can offer these details clearly on your behalf.

4. Provide Directions

In multi-tenant facilities, directory signs and wayfinding signage in your lobby can help guests navigate your space. These types of office lobby signs will offer a much needed helping hand. Guests won’t be at a loss when it comes to finding their way. They’ll be sure to appreciate that you’ve gone the extra mile in helping them navigate through your establishment.

5. Set Your Business Apart

In a shared facility, it’s likely that many businesses look the same. You can help your location to stand out with office lobby signs. As guests move through the building, your signage may be just the tactic that gets you noticed.

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