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Buying Office Room Signs: 5 Considerations

Sprucing up your business space with office room signs is not only beneficial for your office aesthetics, but it is also effective in establishing a stronger brand impression. Clients who step into your door will be more likely to become loyal to you if they are impressed by what they see inside your premises. This is the reason why it is important to choose the right types of interior office signs in Grand Rapids, MI, and neighboring areas.

Keys to Finding the Best Office Door Signage

  • Purpose: Interior office door signs for doors come in many types and designs and serve varying purposes, which is why knowing what you need is critical to making the right decisions. For instance, if you intend to provide wayfinding capabilities so your guests can easily locate the room they’re looking for, you may opt for a door number or a combination of number and letter signs. For healthcare facilities that house several offices, nameplates, and the medical practitioners’ titles will effectively complement office door number signs. Basically, it is helpful to know what you will be using the signs for, as this will streamline your selection process and define the scope of your options.
  • Placement: Where you’d like to have your room sign installed is also a major factor. For door and lobby signs, for instance, you’d want something that draws attention to the room while blending in well with the overall aesthetic of your office space. You will also want to consider the needs of differently-abled visitors so as to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the placement of your signage.
  • Desired Effect. The effect that your signs should have on your guests or clients is another consideration. If, for instance, you want a sign that communicates your trustworthiness as a business, then your choices should be limited to those that can help deliver that result. Professional service offices prefer door signs made of metal or acrylic as these exude an elegant charm that creates an image of excellence and professionalism.
  • Size and Design. When it comes to achieving your desired effects, size and design matter. For example, if you want something attractive to help your guests save time finding what they’re looking for, maybe you could have signs that are done up in bold or striking lettering and are placed at just the right height from the floor. For rooms that serve multiple functions, expertly-designed sliding door signs allow you to replace the information as needed without purchasing new signage for every new event or function.
  • Source. Finally, think about where you’re getting your interior office door signs in Grand Rapids. Your chosen sign company is going to play a huge role in the overall success of your sign installation. The right company will sit down with you and brainstorm about every factor in this list so that you end up with office signs that meet all of your requirements while keeping within your budget.

The Finest Sign Manufacturer in Grand Rapids

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