Corporate Branding

With the amount of competition around, business owners are always looking for effective ways to stand out. It’s important to distinguish yourself from other similar businesses in Grand Rapids. This helps drive more customers in and build loyal customer relationships.

The Role of Corporate Branding in Business Success

When you want to stand out, a solid corporate branding strategy can make a huge difference. It starts with building familiarity with your brand name and logo. However, corporate branding can be so much more than that.

It is about creating a unique experience for your customers, one that they can associate with your brand. This can be through your service, products, and the experience they have within your facility. This is where corporate branding signs can help.

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What are Corporate Branding Signs?

Signs are important communication tools and they are necessary to convey your brand story.

Corporate branding signs do just that: share your story. As a result, this establishes your business identity and helps promote your company culture. This lets customers become more connected to your brand.

These signs build your brand from the first point of contact until the last. As such, corporate logo designs should always represent what you stand for. This makes customers further understand who and what your business is.

Types of Corporate Branding Signs

Here at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we offer a wide range of sign options for your corporate branding needs. Our expert designers in Grand Rapids can help incorporate your brand identity into each of your signs. Here are some examples:


  1. Custom Banners: Need a quick and affordable way to promote your brand? Banners offer a lot of versatility. They can be used indoors or outdoors. They are also easily customized, allowing you to put your brand on full blast in and around your space.


  1. Window Graphics: Window signs and graphics make use of valuable branding real estate. Incorporating your brand into your windows make your business hard to miss. They also easily set you apart from other surrounding businesses.


  1. Wall Murals: Telling your story and conveying your company culture is made easier with vinyl murals on your walls. They can transform any room into a space that champions your brand. Wall graphics and murals are a subtle but effective way to reinforce corporate branding.


  1. Floor Graphics: People tend to look down when walking. This makes your floors the perfect space to incorporate branding elements. Customers are sure to notice them, especially when used to highlight your brand while giving wayfinding information.
Custom Boat Wraps for Branding
Custom Lobby Signage for Edelman

Invest in Corporate Branding Graphics Today

Business success is not just about having the best products and services. It’s also about creating the right experience for your customers. Through corporate branding signs, you’re sure to keep top-of-mind in Grand Rapids.

Let Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics be your partner in corporate branding success! We deliver high-quality sign solutions that help represent what your brand stands for.

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Wallpapers are pre-fabricated designs of textures or patterns that you can use on wall surfaces. They are usually ideal for covering the walls of entire rooms and spaces. Wall murals, however, offer more customized designs. They are typically applied on one or two walls, creating an accent piece inside your store or office.

No, wall murals are not permanent. They are usually made with printed vinyl material with an adhesive backing. After some time, the vinyl adhesive will show signs of wear and tear, the wall murals are removable. They are easy to take off, perfect for switching out your signs and changing the look of your space.

The cost of wall murals can vary depending on several factors. This can include the type of material, size, and complexity of the design. To get an exact quote, feel free to call us today.

Different types of materials can be used to create wall murals. The most used material for indoor walls is vinyl. Cast vinyl and calendared vinyl are common options, perfect for printing, especially for large surfaces. Other materials used indoors include photo paper and canvas. For outdoor wall murals, polyester or mylar are typically used.

Yes, murals can be printed! Vinyl wall murals are a popular choice when you want to transform your business space. These are printed digitally, giving you the freedom to display any type of design you need. Printed wall murals are perfect when you want to boost your brand or create a lasting impression.

If your business needs a large mural, we can take care of it for you. We do large format printing, perfect for wide wall spaces. The process starts with the design layout, with the design scaled to ensure better quality. The prints are either done as a whole or paneled, especially for extra-large murals.

Wall murals are typically designed to cover a particular wall inside a room or space. It is meant to be an accent piece or a design that gets the attention of your customers. For instance, offices can use wall murals for their lobby area or along the main office hallway.

A vinyl mural is a type of wall mural made using printed vinyl adhesives. This is the most common type of wall mural, used to decorate stores, offices, and the like. Vinyl murals are highly customizable, versatile, and dynamic. They are one of the easiest ways to transform a space.

Yes, wall murals are removable. They may be designed to adhere to wall surfaces for extended periods. However, when needed, they can be removed and replaced. This is ideal when you want to regularly change the look of your space. For instance, wall murals let you design your space from one season to another.

Yes, wall murals are generally easy to install. You just need time, a few tools, and some patience to get it done. However, if you want to make sure your murals are installed properly, trust expert installers to do the job. This ensures your wall murals are installed seamlessly, without any bubbles and creases.