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Custom Lobby Signs Bring Your Business Signage Ideas

If your business is open to the public, it’s a fair bet you could use some lobby signs. The signage you put up in customer-facing lobby areas tells the public what your business is all about.

From legal requirements and safety messages to fun, friendly custom lobby signs that encourage customers to come back soon, lobby signs are a huge part of what the public remembers about their visit with you. Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics is your go-to source for custom signs in the Spring Lake, Michigan, area. Read on to find out more about how our signs help your business grow.

Safety Messages and Legal Requirements

Some signs have to be posted where the public can see them. These can be simple safety messages, such as Wet Floor or Keep Hands Free, or they can be traffic control signs that encourage people to line up and follow the arrows to a sales counter.

Banks and financial institutions generally have to put up lending notices, while your local laws might require posted notices of video surveillance.

We make all these signs and more, and we can help you make sure your required lobby signage is clear, easily read, and meets the size and design specifications you give to us when you place the order.

Lobby Signs as Selling Tools

Lobby signs are more than just notices. They can be selling tools as well. Restaurants see improved sales when they post a large menu board in guest waiting areas, and retail shops move more product if it’s mentioned on a sign. These aren’t just advertisements, but signs directing customer flow into high-margin sales areas or encouraging customers to toss a few promoted items into their cart before checking out.

If you have a client-focused business with a range of services, such as a financial planner who also offers tax prep and consulting work, a simple lobby sign can tell every visitor to your office about the extra stuff you can handle for them.

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics works with you to design signs that help you upsell existing customers and boost every visit into a new customer relationship. Ask our team for examples of work we’ve done in the past and recommendations for how to make your lobby signs really pop for new customers.

Make an Impression With Fresh and Fun Custom Lobby Signs

Lobby signage serves another purpose, beyond regulatory requirements and selling services. It’s also fun!

The signs you display to visitors do more than almost anything else to craft the image of your brand in the mind of the public. When people come through your front door, the signs they’re surrounded by tell them all they need to know about your brand’s promise and professionalism and the pride you take in it.

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics works with business customers all over the Spring Lake, Michigan, area to design custom signs that inform, sell, and entertain customers of all types. When you get in touch with us for a new set of lobby signs, we work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re thrilled with the finished product.

Learn more about our process at our blog or directly from one of our excellent reps online.

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