Custom Pole Signs for Business

If you’re looking to elevate your business and increase your visibility in Grand Rapids, business pole signs will do just that. These tall, stylish signs can be seen from a distance. Whether your business is located off a freeway or in a busy neighborhood, this type of sign will help you get noticed.

Working with a pole signs manufacturer will ensure your signage commands attention. At Fresh Coast Signs, we produce eye-catching signage that’s catered to your business and your budget. Our goal is to ensure you receive quality products that make an impact.

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What is a Pole Sign?

A pole sign is a type of elevated outdoor sign with an exposed pole and sign cabinet on top. A light pole sign offers additional visibility, especially at night. The overall size, style, and product finishes will vary depending on your preference and location.

There are many types of pole signs to choose from, including banner poles, flag pole signs, custom light pole signs, and more options. If this is your first time looking into this type of signage, not to worry. The team at Fresh Coast Signs in Grand Rapids will walk you through your options. We can also offer advice when it comes to local regulations and safety requirements for these signs.

What are the Uses of Pole Signs?

Many types of businesses in Grand Rapids turn to outdoor pole signs. From gas stations to shopping malls, retail stores, and many more businesses, the signs offer a means to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Plus, these reliable signs are built to withstand the weather in Grand Rapids so that they can market your business year-round.

Consider how you can use pole-mounted signs for your business:

Your Trusted Partner for Custom Pole Signs

At Fresh Coast Signs, we’ll work with you to create custom light pole signs that are unique to your business needs. From their size and shape to their location and placement, we tailor products to your requirements. Plus, when it comes to design, we factor in your company’s branding. This includes logos, fonts, images, and colors that reflect what your business is all about. Even though the signs are located outside, they will become an extension of your brand, creating a cohesive look among all of your marketing efforts.

If you’re looking for pole signs “near me,” you can rely on our team at Fresh Coast Signs to include you throughout the process to ensure the signs reflect your requirements and tie into your brand. We’ll also discuss with you the cost of pole signs and recommend solutions that fit your budget.

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