Environmental Signs and Mission Statement Signs

Humans are inherently visual. According to some studies, we process images 60,000 times faster than text. For this reason, businesses must invest in memorable visual displays. This is where environmental signs and graphics can help.

What Are Environmental Signs?

Environmental graphic design (or EGD) is a concept that has been gaining popularity among many successful businesses. It consists of different graphic elements creating a coherent overall design. Environmental signs and graphics are crucial elements of EGD.

These signs communicate who you are and what your business is in a creative, dynamic manner. This is done to create a lasting impression on your customers in Grand Rapids.

Various graphic elements include:

At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we deliver customized signs to fulfill your environmental graphic design needs. Ask us about available sign options and the cost of environmental signs by giving us a call today.

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Types of Environmental Signs

Environmental signage is made up of different types of signs designed to create a unique experience for customers and employees. These include:

Business in Grand Rapids can take advantage of these signs to build a better brand image. Choosing the right sign and design helps set your business apart from your competition.

Mission Statement Signs

Environmental graphic design and branding allow customers and employees to better understand your business. This understanding breeds familiarity, which is essential to becoming top of mind in Grand Rapids.

Displaying your company’s mission statement is a vital element in building that understanding and familiarity. This shows your company’s vision and goals, and what you’re committed to doing in order to achieve them.

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics offers different options for showcasing your mission statement. This includes:

Uses of Environmental Signs

There are many ways that environmental signs can be used to benefit your business:

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These signs can do more than just their practical functions. They help decorate your space, enhance your business aesthetic, and build a better overall experience for your customers.

The important role that these signs have makes it crucial to partner with the right sign company. In Grand Rapids, businesses continue to choose Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics to deliver their signage needs.

We are a full-service sign company that designs, creates, and installs high-quality sign solutions for your business. Our expert sign makers understand the importance of custom environmental signs. As such, we always make sure our signs are made with the best materials and equipment.

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