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Five Facts About Channel Letter Signs

People pass by channel letter signs every day without a thought, but there are many fascinating aspects about these attention-grabbing products. Here are five facts to help you get the most out of the signs you design for your company.

1. Custom Channel Letters Provide Flexibility

Just because many signs appear similar at the local strip mall or shopping center doesn’t mean they lack flexibility. Most times, it’s due to a desire to create a uniform appearance across multiple businesses sharing the same area. In reality, you can create any type of letter, number, or symbol in an array of colors and illuminations, allowing for countless combinations which express the true appeal of your business.

There’s no need to adhere to existing styles you’ve seen at other businesses unless a requirement is mandated by the mall or plaza owner. If that isn’t the case, you are free to create something wholly unique that sets your company apart from the competition. 

2. Very Little Maintenance Is Required for Channel Letter Signs

Despite the harsh winter weather in Michigan, channel letter signs need minimal maintenance and repair work due to their durable design and construction. You can count on your sign to work after heavy snow, thunderstorms, high winds, and freezing temperatures. With routine cleaning from time to time, your sign will look brand new and professional at any point throughout the year. 

3. Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Are Highly Visible

Due to the different illumination options available for letter signs, you can create a visual appearance that appeals to your potential customers and showcases the best side of your business. Face illumination has a traditional, bright look that’s hard to miss.

Sometimes called halo or reverse, backlit illumination makes the letters of your sign look like they are floating on the surface of the building, creating an enhanced, professional appearance. If you’re not sold on one particular type, you can also combine different illumination techniques to create a completely unique style.

4. Signs Can Use a Variety of Materials

You’re not limited to one type of material when it comes to the construction of your sign. An acrylic material might be right for one company, while an aluminum or other metallic construction may fit the style of another. You’ll also want to choose your material based on the conditions your sign is likely to face.

You may get away with using a less durable or rust-prone construction if your sign is indoors where weather has a lesser impact. However, if your sign is outside, make sure you choose quality material guaranteed to hold up against the harshest weather.

5. Channel Letter Signs Are Very Popular

You may not realize how popular letter signs are until you start looking closely at the business world around you. Nearly all types of consumer-facing and B2B businesses in Michigan use custom channel letters to designate quality and professionalism to the public. Choosing this option for your sign will create awareness with nearby customers and help those looking for your company to easily find it. 

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