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If you are looking to get your business noticed and establish a strong local presence, get high-quality commercial fleet wraps by Fresh Coast Signs.

We provide attractive, cohesive vehicle wraps that promote your brand, boost visibility, and improve customer’s perception of your brand. To ensure brand consistency, every vehicle wrap that we design is unique and includes your brand elements. 

Delivery trucks, work trucks, trailers, vans, buses, semis, corporate cars, boats, and even lawnmowers, ATVs, and golf carts can all be utilized for brand promotion. You just need to make sure that you have the right graphics, right placement, and the right wrapping company to get the job done. 

Fresh Coast Signs is your local fleet wrap provider, handling every aspect of your project. We can’t wait to work with you! Contact us today at (616) 344-9484 for your Free Consultation!

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Commercial Wraps for All Vehicle Types

We provide a wide variety of fleet wrap services for all types of commercial vehicles. From vehicle magnets to full auto wraps for food trucks, we ensure that your marketing message is properly displayed for your target audience.

For some vehicles, you might only desire graphics or lettering and others may require full-body wraps or marine-grade wraps in case of boats. The fleet wraps experts at Fresh Coast Signs will assist you in determining the right material, placement, and design elements for every fleet vehicle to ensure consistent branding throughout. 

Whether you prefer an identical design for all vehicles or customized designs for each, we will help you in making the right decision to ensure you can make the best of your corporate vehicle wraps in Grand Rapids.

Personalized Fleet Wraps and Graphics

At Fresh Coast Signs, all fleet vehicle wraps and graphics are customized to meet your brand requirements by utilizing your brand message, marketing elements, logos, and design ideas.

Cohesive vehicle wraps are a great investment for all types of businesses, but certain businesses may benefit more. If you are a construction company, a landscaper, contractor, delivery service, trucking company, your business will gain more popularity through auto wraps.

Our expert fleet wrap designers will provide you with unique designs that will not only boost your brand’s visibility but will also uplift the vehicle itself. Once the design is approved, our expert installers will ensure a clean application of your vehicle wrap that will be free from any creases or bubbles. 

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Free Fleet Wraps Consultation

Whether your business has a single vehicle or running multiple vehicles on the road, fleet wraps are a must to ensure you make the most of your investment. If you want your brand to penetrate the suburbs or nearby areas, auto wraps in Grand Rapids are a great choice. They offer consistent and repetitive exposure of your brand to the target audience and also provide a layer of protection to the vehicles.

Fresh Coast Signs is your local wraps and graphics provider in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are committed to providing exceptional services to all our clients in order to establish a long-term partnership.

Give us a call today at (616) 344-9484 for your Free Consultation with a Fleet Wraps Expert!

Frequently Asked Questions

A larger fleet can handle higher workloads and reach broader areas, enhancing service coverage and meeting demand. When they all have the same wrap that promotes your business, you’re ensuring that you are reaching a greater number of people, and making more impressions, and hopefully, this will assist in improving your revenue!

Fleet efficiency means maximizing the productivity of vehicles. This involves factors such as route optimization and proper maintenance, but it can also be about signage solutions. When fleet wraps are involved, having a cohesive and standard look across your fleet leads to improved customer satisfaction, ensuring that you’re putting your business’s best foot forward.

Fleet wraps provide numerous benefits, including enhanced brand visibility through mobile advertising, a professional image that leaves a lasting impression, consistent branding across vehicles, cost-effective long-term advertising, customizable designs, protection for vehicle surfaces, and so much more! With those kinds of advantages, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of them?

Fleet wraps are applied through a multi-step process. First, the vehicle’s surface is thoroughly cleaned to ensure proper adhesion. Custom designs and branding are then created and printed onto large vinyl sheets. Skilled installers carefully apply the vinyl, often using heat to conform it to the vehicle’s shape, ensuring a seamless look. Precision and attention to detail are crucial to achieve a professional finish. The result is a vibrant and durable wrap that effectively transforms the vehicle into a mobile advertisement.

Fleet graphics are visual elements applied to vehicles for branding and advertising purposes. These can include logos, company names, contact information, and eye-catching designs. Fleet graphics transform vehicles into moving billboards, effectively conveying a company’s identity and message to a broader audience as they travel through different locations.

No matter your town or city, the chances are, you have likely seen a commercial vehicle with some advertising on it. Companies, no matter how large or small, can use these wraps to their advantage. The larger the city, the better it is, as it means that your wrap will reach a larger amount of people.

Commercial fleet solutions are designed for businesses, organizations, and occasionally even governments that rely on vehicle-based operations. These solutions are about more than just making commercial fleets look beautiful, they are meant to advertise, inform, and sometimes even inspire. Ultimately, any company or organization that has commercial vehicles can use fleet wraps to elevate their business!

The lifespan of a fleet wrap depends on factors like material quality, weather conditions, and maintenance. Typically, a well-maintained fleet wrap can last between 3 to 5 years. Regular cleaning and proper care can extend its durability and vibrancy, ensuring a more extended period of effective branding and advertisement.