Get the Best Yard Sign for Your Business

Are you looking for the best yard signs for your business? At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we work with real estate agents, service providers, event organizers, and a whole host of other local businesses in Grand Rapids, MI,for their commercial yard signs. Our team makes getting signs for yards completely turnkey. We accept bulk and last-minute orders; an in-house design team creates custom designs,ensuringfast shipping times.

Learn more about the different types of signs you can choose from. Find out if inexpensive coroplast signs will do or if you need sturdier signage.

Types of Yard Signs

Yard signs come in various flavors; some are semi-permanent; others are lightweight and portable. There is a sign for everyone and every budget.

  1. Swing post (colonial post) sign

The swing post sign comprises an inverted ‘L’ shaped frame made of wood or metal (typically, aluminum) affixed directly into the ground. A signboard is attached to the horizontal bar and can be free hanging or rigid. Signboards can be fabricated out of acrylic, wood, and metal; they can even be vinyl banners.

Durability Level: Strong; can be used as semi-permanent signage

  1. H-frame sign

H-frames are comprised of two poles with a sign affixed between them. Together they form an ‘H’ shape and are used most often for temporary advertisements. The sign itself is usually made of coroplast (corrugated plastic); the narrow poles are typically made of plastic. The sign is relatively light and great as a short termsign. These are incredibly inexpensive and easy to deploy in large numbers, requiring no special tools to plant in front yards. No wonder they are by far the most popular yard signs in Michigan.

Durability Level:Lightweight; best for short term promotions

  1. A-frame sign

Also known as a ‘sandwich board’ sign, an A-frame sign can be made from wood, metal, or plastic, depending on how it is intended to be used. Two panels open in an ‘A’ pattern and are completely self-standing. Both panels can be used for display, allowing you to advertise in two different directions simultaneously. These signs are portable, too, ideal if you plan to reuse the same sign at various events.

Durability Level: Should not be left out in harsh weather; portable signs 

  1. Vinyl banners and flags

Flags and vinyl banners are incredibly customizable. Choose from small or large signs, get custom shapes and, of course, print your unique design. They are great options if you are looking for a ‘dynamic sign’ that will catch attention with gentle flapping.

Durability Level: Long-lasting; light, and easy to roll up

Choosing the Right Material

Metal, wood, coroplast, plastic,and vinyl are the most common materials used to fabricate commercial yard signs. Each material has its advantages and uses. If you are looking for the cheapest yard signs in Michigan,the coroplast is your best bet. No wonder we receive orders for hundreds of these. On the other hand, if you want a sign that exudes quality, wood and metal are the way to go.

Contact us to place an order for custom yard signs.

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