How Custom Signs Help Your Business Stand Out in the Marketplace

Pay attention, and you will notice a lot of signage—whether a storefront sign or a wayfinding sign—is not custom-designed. Sure, the business name and graphics may differ, but the sign itself is based on a standard template. Many convenience stores and small businesses on Grand Rapids’ main streets use standard signs.

There is nothing wrong with using a standard sign – if your business doesn’t rely on making a unique impression. However, it is essential if you need your brand to stand out.

For small businesses in Grand Rapids, Michigan, custom signs are an inexpensive way to grow brand awareness, generate leads, and connect with customers. The return on investment they offer will far outweigh any additional cost.

Benefits of Custom Signage for Businesses

Today the cost difference between a customized sign and standardized signage is minimal. You can modify its shape, color, material, size, and illumination for a small additional investment. Even the way it is installed can be changed according to your preferences. Find out how custom signs help your business stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Cohesive Branding

“Brand, brand, brand,” that’s the first thing every adman and ad woman will say. You need to project a uniform identity. Whether it is your business’s physical presence, digital marketing, or social media, it needs to culminate into a common pot of goodwill called ‘brand.’ Signage is an incredibly important part of branding because it is the primary identifier of the business. Starbucks’ ‘Mermaid’ sign and McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches’ are great examples of custom signage that have added value to the respective brands.

Target the Ideal Customer

What you sell and who you are selling to should be apparent from your signage. Signs will set the perception of your business and must be able to attract the right clientele. Having a beautiful storefront window will do no good if a simplistic, standard sign conveys an undesirable mood. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but potential customers will assess if your store is right for them by looking at your signage.

Showcase Your USP

Custom signs are a clear sign of intent: the business takes pride in its appearance. By extension, it will take pride in its service. Let the sign reflect your creativity and your business’s reason for existing. Personalized signs are great ways to highlight the unique sales proposition without telling a customer about it literally. Communicating USP generates leads for the business, too, as people make purchase decisions based on your marketing.

The Best Grand Rapids, MI Custom Signs

At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we are committed to working with large and small businesses in Grand Rapids for their indoor and outdoor signage. Our team prepares affordable sign packages that reflect your brand and make your establishment stand out. Contact us now to talk to one of our signage experts about your custom sign needs.

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