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How Does an LED Sign Company Help Grow Your Business?

Custom LED signs changed the way how entrepreneurs promote their brick-and-mortar establishments. Back in the day, traditional neon signs dominated the industry. While these are still highly popular these days, others are looking for more eco-friendly and cost-effective options.

Light-emitting diode or LED is known for consuming less energy while shining a more vibrant illumination and having a longer lifespan than its counterparts. You can even use LED to mimic the look of neon lights.

Why are Outdoor LED Signs Worth Investing in?

  • Reach more for less: Other modes of advertising require you to cash out for specific air times and for a number of impressions. That’s certainly not the case with LED signs because, typically, you only have to invest once and continuously reap unlimited marketing benefits for many years. It also means that you are able to efficiently boost your brand awareness to potential clients and brand reinforcement to patrons.
  • Enjoy round-the-clock promotion: These signs are visible regardless of the weather or time of day, allowing you to effectively communicate with your target audience and promote your products and services 24/7. 
  • Long-lasting and low maintenance: Since LED, by nature, doesn’t require regular tune-ups, you can spend your time and money on running and expanding your business instead.
  • Localized solutions: People stick to what they are familiar with. As an innovative entrepreneur, you can use this to your advantage by becoming a known name among locals. One way to achieve this is by putting up business signs that stand out and that appeal to your local market. Our team at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics will make sure that your LED neon signs are strategically designed and installed put your business on the map in Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Landmarking: Regardless of the nature of your business, all of your efforts will be put to waste if customers cannot locate you in the first place. Illuminated signs will enable you to alert potential customers who are several miles away. By leading them to your doorstep, your chances of closing a sale increase.
  • Acts as your salespeople: Business signs represent your brand to the public. They highlight your best qualities so your target audience can appreciate how your products and services add value to them.
  • Social media attention: Customers these days enjoy going to places and taking pictures of artsy or aesthetically-pleasing signs. You can use this to your advantage by putting up creatively designed lighted signs that customers will take photos with and upload on their respective social media profiles. Thus, giving your brand more exposure.

Reliable LED Sign Company in Grand Rapids, MI

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics is among the best-rated sign shops in Grand Rapids, MI. Our dedication to the craft and customer satisfaction allows us to produce visual communication solutions that generate profitable results. Our LED signs are manufactured with premium quality materials and equipment to ensure their maximum marketing performance.

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