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How to Choose a Channel Letter Sign for Your Small Business

Signage is essential, whether you are a large corporation or a small business. In many instances, it can even be more important for small enterprises in Grand Rapids, MI. With the amount of competition around, businesses must be creative in finding ways to stand out.

Why Businesses Need Outdoor Signs

Having the right exterior signs is key to any successful business. Your storefront is typically the customer’s first point of contact with your brand. It says a lot about your business. Storefront signs are essential because:

  1. They give your business a name and introduce your brand to your target audience.
  2. They make it easier for people to locate your business.
  3. They help drive more traffic to your establishment.
  4. They make you stand out from other surrounding businesses.

Before looking for a channel letter sign manufacturing company, here’s how to choose the right one for your small business.

Know the different types of channel letter signs

There are three main types of these signs. Each one has unique qualities that may be perfect for your business.

Front-Lit Letters – these signs are illuminated internally, lighting up each letter from within

Halo-Lit Letters – also called back-lit letters, these are illuminated from behind each letter. This creates a glow or “halo” effect, leaving the letters dark

Front and Back-Lit Letters – a combination of front-lit and halo-lit letters. This gives you better illumination, creating a brighter sign

Choose the right font style and size

Legibility is said to be the most important characteristic of signs. A way to ensure your storefront signs are legible is to choose the right font style and size. Standard font styles work best. They are easier to read even from a distance or while in motion.

For size, the general rule of thumb is every one inch gives you 10 feet readability. This can let you choose a size that works for how far you want your sign to be seen and read.

Consider your outdoor sign’s mounting options

There are different ways to mount these signs. They can be directly mounted to the wall surface, on a raceway, or a base. If your wall background isn’t a great color contrast to the color of your sign, consider mounting it to a base to make it more readable.

Your Trusted Channel Letter Sign Manufacturing Company

Getting these three-dimensional signs can be one of the best decisions you can make for your small business. Make sure to get the most of your investment by trusting an experienced sign maker to do the job.

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics is the top choice of small business owners in Grand Rapids, MI. We create high-quality sign solutions that make any business stand out.

Learn more about our various offerings and get a free quote on your signage needs when you give us a call today!

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