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How to Make a Powerful First Impression with Channel Letter Signs

What are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are customizable signs that can work for any business, no matter where the sign or company is located. Channel letters are one of the most versatile signs you can use for your business. These signs are best for exterior business signs; they are highly flexible and can meet any of your brand’s requirements. Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics offers custom channel letter signs that come in various designs, from illuminated business signs, flat dimensional letters, or a combination of both. Channel letter signs are perfect for your business without the need to make changes to other areas of your store. Channel letters help you to focus on one area of the company without affecting other areas.

About Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics offers a wide range of customizable signs that ensure consistency with your brand. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics provides professional on-time delivery and quality signage solutions that can work with any budget. Their trained and experienced business signage experts are always available to give you the coinjoin best recommendations for your business. These experts will provide you with all the best options for your business; with all your needs in mind, this will ensure that your sign will always reflect your brand in the best way possible. Now, what exactly are channel letter signs?

Customize Your Channel Letter Sign

Channel letter signs are great for exterior signs for your storefront. They can be designed into any shape or size to include your name, slogan, and brand logo. Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics has a variety of colors, sizes, fonts, and lighting options. Leaving you with endless possibilities of custom channel letter sign designs that accurately represent your brand.

Channel letter signs are best suited for retail stores, office buildings, grocery stores, malls, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, schools, churches, other organizations, and anything that requires a storefront sign.

Channel letter signs allow for an empty channel to illuminate your sign. These are customizable and will give your business the light it needs to be viewable. Whether day or night, your sign will always be seen. If you run a business that is open during the evenings and nights, a backlit channel letter storefront sign will significantly improve your ability to welcome new customers. Channel letters are often used with LED backlights and can be visible at night and in poor weather conditions. These signs are great for nightclubs, theatres, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, comedy clubs, convenience stores, and gas stations but can work for any business that wants to set itself apart.

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics is with you every step of the way to make sure your custom channel letter signs are perfect and meet your brand’s needs. Starting from the design process, all the way to clean up. The Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics team will always be there to support you and your business with their fast turnaround times, high-quality products, and dedicated team of experts you can trust that will help you choose the right signage solution for your business.

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