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How to Transform Interiors With Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can add functionality, fun, and friendly hints to help customers find their way around your business interiors. If you get creative, you may even create some memories and increase customer loyalty.

Custom Wall Graphics and Memorable Moments

Tailoring the imagery and messaging to your particular business will enhance the effect of wall graphics and help you stand out in a crowd. Your potential customers have probably made purchases from a competitor already. They’ve seen the generic, stale, and sterile interiors of countless stores, offices, and other businesses.

The alternative involves creativity and wall graphics that express the unique feeling you’d like to convey. It may be storytelling, with or without words, or adding warmth, fun, and interest in an eye-catching way. This may make the difference between loyal customers and one-and-done transactions.

Think Carefully About Your Wall Graphics Size and Position

Small- and medium-sized businesses tend to have small and medium-sized rooms. Not only does this limit the physical space available for large custom wall graphics, it generally eliminates the need.

Instead, consider the maximum distance at which the wall/sign can be seen. How important is its readability from this maximum distance? In many cases, not so much. Signs that provide directions, however, may be very important.

A mixture of big and small can also work. Large eye-catching graphics and identifiable symbols can give customers more general hints, while smaller details and text invite people to come closer.

The positioning of interior signage is generally more complex compared to the business exterior. Wall graphics that are intended for children require extra care in both sizing and placement. If it’s a text-based sign, such as an ice cream menu at a cafe, it needs to be low enough to be read.

You’re also more likely to run into line-of-sight issues when scaling up instead of repositioning. Counters, shelves, furniture, and even people, can block the view from important angles.

Ideas for Wall Graphics

  • Waiting Room/Area: They’re already paying customers, so there may be little reason for another sales pitch here. Give them something relevant to the business but artistic, interesting, and mentally stimulating.
  • Seasonal Events: Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are the obvious ones and are the lifeblood of many businesses, but you can always branch out to smaller niches.
  • Children’s Play Area: Welcome little ones to learn and explore while their parents take care of business. Colorful custom vinyl wall decals make these spaces inviting.
  • Employee Areas: Boost productivity and safety with informational signs (goals, guidelines, etc.), or dress up a sterile break room with custom wall graphics to create a more uplifting environment.

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