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Learn About All Types of Custom Environmental Signs

Building the right first impression is important. A first impression may not always last, but it is something that matters, especially in business.

This is where environmental branding steps in. It is how you build an environment that affects the way people perceive your business. The way your company looks and feels plays a crucial role in developing lasting customer relationships.

At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we understand the importance of environmental branding. We offer a wide range of sign options that can complement your overall brand strategy.

Environmental signs for lobby & reception areas

Environmental graphics and design are all about elevating the customers’ experience. It should start the moment they walk into your space.

Lobby and reception signs are one of the first signs customers encounter. They introduce your brand and set the tone for your entire business. The moment customers walk in, they know exactly where they are and who your business is.

Wayfinding signs

Being able to easily navigate your space is a crucial element of environmental branding. People can get the overall experience when they know where to go and what to do.

Custom environmental signs for wayfinding should include key branding elements in the design. This way, they don’t just help customers find their way around. At each point of contact, these signs also remind people of your brand.

Wall murals and graphics

One of the easiest ways to up your branding game is through wall murals. These are vinyl adhesives that are printed with any type of design you need. Letting you add words, images, and different patterns to your wall spaces.

Adding wall murals can easily transform any room or space. They turn blank, empty walls into vibrant, interesting features that boost environmental branding. It’s a great way to tie in your overall design and change the atmosphere of your business.

Digital custom environmental signs

Environmental branding has a lot to do with engaging your customers and what better way to boost customer engagement than through digital signs?

These signs are effective communication tools. They can deliver multiple messages that help enhance the customer’s experience and impression of your business. However, you can take it a step further by bringing customers into the experience. For instance, using touch-screen technology lets the experience become more immersive.

Your Source of High-Quality Environmental Signs

Make that positive first impression count by engaging customers with your brand throughout your entire space. Invest in environmental graphics and signs that show who and what your brand is.

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics can help create branded environments for your business. We are a full-service sign company that designs, produces, and installs all your signage needs. Our commitment to excellence is what drives us to be one of the top sign makers in Muskegon, Grand Rapids, and other surrounding areas.

Contact us today to get started and we’ll give you a free quote.

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