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Lobby Signs Ideas: Create A Professional And Impressive Look

You have two chances to make a first impression when a customer enters your building. The first is when they pull by your business and see your building sign. The second is when they open the door and walk into your lobby. Your lobby signs largely control the personality of your office, so make sure you choose excellent custom lobby signs if you want to create a professional, impressive work culture. 

How to Create a Professional Image with Lobby Signs 

The tone of your business will be represented by the tone of your signs. This is the first thing that customers will interact with before actually reaching a person. Therefore, you want a professional sign that accurately conveys your business goals to your customers. This means easy-to-read information in subdued colors that is visibly accessible. The placement of your office lobby signs is just as important as your actual sign because if it is hidden or obstructed by furniture, its power will be decreased. 

Crisp and Sharp 

If your sign is too complex, clients will visually skip it. You need something dynamic that demands their attention and is easy to digest. Therefore, professional, sharp signs tend to leave the best impression on visits. You should minimize the amount of clutter on your sign and choose dimensional letters or channel letters for the boldest impact. Dimensional letters are timeless signature signs that put your brand front and center. You also might want to consider integrating LED signage. Lighting is another simple way to add a little punch to your office signs. 

Put Your Brand on Display with Custom Lobby Signs 

Now that you know you want a sharp sign, you have to decide what small piece of information you convey with it. 99% of the time, that should be your brand — either your brand logo or the actual name of your company. Consistent branding is essential to display a professional brand that can be trusted, something that can easily be achieved with custom lobby signs. 

Create Multi-Purposeful Office Lobby Signs 

While you need to focus heavily on creating a positive impression with your office lobby signs, there is more to lobby signs than just branding. If you work with an experienced sign company, the graphic design department should be able to help you create lobby signage that conveys the history of your company and brags lightly about your accomplishments. You might also think about adding directory signs that correlate or are consistent with your lobby sign can be a great way to offer wayfinding information for times when the receptionist may be away from the desk. 

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics can help you sharpen your lobby signs, so they create a strong impact on your visitors. Contact us now to learn more.

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