Metal Signs

Commercial signs are essential investments in every brick-and-mortar facility in Grand Rapids, MI.

If you want to invest in signs that look timeless and will last for many years, go for high-quality metal signs.

What is metal signage?

Metal signs come in different varieties and durability levels that match your specific demands. To learn more about which ones work best for your brand, reach out to us at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics today.

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Types of Metal Signs in Grand Rapids, MI

  • Aluminum signs: They are excellent for outdoor use because the material is highly resistant to water damage. Less rust means a longer life span. Plus, they are incredibly lightweight, flexible, and easy to install. At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, our custom aluminum signs can be personalized to your liking.
  • Stainless steel signs: In the past, business owners avoided stainless steel signs because they quickly erode. The good news is that Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics applies a special coating to protect them from outdoor elements.
  • Alumalite signs: These metal business signs are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to maximize their marketing budget. Alumalite signs are extremely heavy-duty, which is why you can integrate them in your storefront, pylon, and monument signage.
  • Dibond signs: Thanks to their superior damage-resistant qualities, Dibond is a popular choice among many entrepreneurs in Grand Rapids, MI. They can either be laser cut and engraved or formed into three-dimensional characters. 

Uses of Metal Signs for Your Establishment in Grand Rapids, MI

  • Solidify your brand: Outdoor metal signs are ideal for showcasing your brand’s unique personality to your target audience and demonstrating your reputation in the industry. When installed at the reception area, these signs welcome customers and make them feel that they made the right decision to enter your establishment.
  • Provide directional information: Customer service is not just about direct interaction with consumers. It also involves facilities, tools, and even visual cues that help them with their specific needs. Indoor metal signs that provide wayfinding details will not only boost customer satisfaction but will also promote safety and orderliness in your organization.
  • Label areas and rooms: Whether you have a hotel or corporate office, room identification signs are essential investments to guide both clients and employees. An elegant and sleek way to label different areas in your establishment is by using metal signs. Custom metal signs come in different finishes and hues to match your interior design and branding requirements.

Top-Notch Metal Signs Maker “Near Me”

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics is one of the best-rated sign shops in Grand Rapids, MI. Our passion for sign making and commitment to providing impeccable customer service make us the go-to signage partner of many local businesses and organizations. By using high-tech equipment and premium quality materials, your metal signs are consistently hard wearing and visually appealing. We also take pride in offering the most seamless and efficient metal signs installation in Grand Rapids.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of metal signs in Grand Rapids? Give us a call today to get a free quote.