Mission Statement Wall Signs

A good business is one that has its aims and objectives clear as crystal and strives to serve a better cause, be it transforming the corporate market, leaving an impact on its clients, or revolutionizing its chosen industry. However, an even better business is one that brands itself with the essence of its goals, motives, and core values.

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Why Are Businesses in Grand Rapids Featuring a Core Values Wall?

At first glance, a wall with a mission statement seems like an extravagant display of office branding wall graphics. Like any feature wall, this wall aims to call attention to itself, compelling any employee, staff, or visitor to study it. 

The wall features every aspect of the business to proudly embrace the business motto but reminds every member of the business of their objectives. This creates a sense of motivation driving the employees to respect their workplace. 

It is an important addition to any business setting by uplifting the overall mood and also instilling a sense of loyalty.

How to Build the Perfect Mission Statement Graphic Wall

The first rule is: get creative.

Your wall aims to convey and reinforce the business’s core values and objectives, so to make it as special as it sounds, there are a few things you can throw in to highlight your core values.

  • Choose short and meaningful words or phrases that summarise each aspect of the business. Hiring a professional specializing in workplace interior design in Grand Rapids may be a good place to start. 
  • Design mission statement wall decals. Incorporate various styles and designs to decorate your wall. People often use wooden decals or vinyl wall art decals. You could also use thick foam decals to give the wall some dimensions. 
  • Use bright and uplifting colors. The core values featured wall should be as motivating as its purpose, so don’t forget to incorporate some bright, attractive colors mainly primary to enhance the overall look. 
  • Most importantly, get some professional help to get the best mission statement wall design and make it a piece of art. For that, all you have to do is contact us and get started.