Monument Signs for Business – All You Need to Know

What are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are medium to large size signs popular with larger establishments and commercial complexes. They can be found at entrances to shopping centers, national parks, educational institutions, and even churches. Monument signs in Michigan serve the dual purpose of acting as a visual identifier of the business and a messaging platform.

Businesses use monuments to convey a sense of solidity and dependability.

Benefits of Monument Signs in Michigan

These signs offer a versatile and effective messaging platform.

  • Place the brand in the direct line of sight of passers-by.
  • Durable signs that require little maintenance.
  • Can become local landmarks in Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Build top of mind recall in the community.

What are the different types of monument signs for business?

Monuments are entirely customizable, and you will find signs of all shapes and sizes; some are installed on the ground, others are elevated on supports (but don’t confuse them with pylon signs). It isn’t much of a stretch to say no two signs are alike. Virtually all aspects of a sign are customized to match the premises or brand the buyer wants to convey.
Some different types of monument signs for business are:

  • Standard storefront-type signs
  • Business directories
  • Billboard signage
  • Signs with changeable lettering

The type of monument best for you depends on your unique requirements.

Check local bylaws that limit the height of signs and prescribe how they must be installed.

Monument Sign Design

Signs can be made of stone, metal, wood, concrete, or other materials. Signs can even be made of acrylic and foam to mimic the look and texture of different materials. The sign face itself displays the business name and logo; space can also be made for other messaging, such as opening hours or a business directory. Signs also incorporate lighting elements for illumination.

What sets monument design apart from other signage types is how its design is in keeping with its surroundings. Buyers will often include foliage around the sign to help it blend better, though that is unnecessary for all signs.

Sign design can be ultra-modern, classical, and even earthy.

Where should these signs be installed?

The sign’s primary purpose is to extend the business’s presence, so monuments are usually placed some distance away from the main premises itself. Some are installed at the entrance. Others are set adjacent busy roads to be visible to passing traffic. Informative monuments may be used in parking lots as wayfinding signs too.

Monument signs for business in Grand Rapids, MI

Used correctly, these signs can provide significant benefits for branding, wayfinding, and lead generation. Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics works with healthcare institutions, office complexes, and other clients for their signs. We design and fabricate all types of signs. Speak to a representative to discuss your monument sign needs.

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