Custom Lobby Signs

Office Lobby Signs Make a Lasting Impression

Making a positive first impression is one of the key goals of any Grand Rapids business owner—and for good reason. Creating the right first impression is vital to how existing and potential customers will receive your business.

In this period of advanced technology, there are several new ways to create a significant first impression. However, having the right lobby signs still offers many potential possibilities when trying to make an impact on your customers.

Lobby signs are one of the first things customers see when they enter your space that fill your lobby or reception area. They display your business name and logo and are an important first point of contact. Lobby signage help reinforce your brand and tell your business story.

Letting Your Brand Message Come Through with Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are perfect for giving customers a better idea of what your brand is. This can be achieved through custom lobby signs that are designed to showcase your brand.

For instance, banks or law firms may opt for standard fonts and muted colors. Often, they will choose materials like metal or wood. This shows a bold, strong brand image. A tropical hotel, on the other hand, may go for more quirky designs with vibrant colors. These design details illustrate the nature of the business and what it can offer.

Setting the Tone with Custom Lobby Signs

Whenever you enter a business or building, often you are greeted by the lobby signs. Well-designed professionally made signs are usually the ones that keep top of mind. This is what the right signs can do for your business.

According to a FedEx study on signage, 68% of people see the quality of your signs as a reflection of your business, products, and services. Tattered, damaged signs will make customers feel they cannot expect quality and excellence from your business. Alternatively, well-made signs show customers that you are a professional business that they can trust.

Choosing the Best Custom Lobby Signs

Not all signs are created equally. One sign may work better than others for your brand. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to materials, designs, and more.

When choosing the best lobby signage, you can:

  • Establish how you want your sign to work for you. This will serve as a guide when designing the right sign for your brand.
  • Define your target market. For instance, a more mature demographic may respond to a design differently from a younger age group.
  • Keep the uniqueness of your brand front and center of the design. This is sure to make your business stand out.

Working with the Best Sign Maker in Grand Rapids

Getting high-quality signs requires that you choose a reputable sign company to work with. Here at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, you can trust that our experienced sign makers will get the job done.

We understand the importance of having the right office lobby signs. As such, we take great care in designing, manufacturing, and installing your signs. Get the best signs to make a lasting impression by giving us a call today!

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