Post and Panel Signs

We need all kinds of indoor and outdoor signs to be able to make a name for our businesses and shops. But first, what are post and panel signs? 

Post and panel signs are common in residential and commercial settings. Due to their versatility, commercial posts and panel signs help you reach your target audience easier and faster. 

Custom post and panel signs allow business owners in Grand Rapids to alter the signs according to their liking. Post and panel signs can be used to advertise while still complementing your other outdoor signage.

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Types of Post and Panel Signs

To get the attention of your target audience, your business must stand apart from the competition. The highly effective custom signs and graphics from Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics will help you achieve that by understanding your marketing goals, business needs, and the local competition. Based on these, our sign makers will craft a signage strategy that will keep delivering results in the long run while enhancing brand perception. 

We will work relentlessly to turn your vision into reality. As a full-service sign company serving Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and beyond, we provide all forms of interior signsexterior signsvehicle wraps and graphics, event signage, custom banners, and more to take full advantage of every opportunity to promote your business.

Personalized Signs for Your Business

Commercial outdoor signs are categorized based on various aspects of marketing. A post and panel sign manufacturer in Grand Rapids will help you classify signs. This is determined by what the business aims to convey to its audience and what purpose it performs. 

The type of sign that is most appropriate for you and your business needs to be decided by a professional team. You can always set up a meeting with our in-house experts and get an opinion on what signs you should be opting for. Whether it’s customized based on your marketing budget or design requirements, it’s always a great idea to get some professional input.

Outdoor Post and Panel Signs for Global Tec in Grand Rapids, MI

Aluminum Post & Panel Signs

Aluminum post and panel signs are popular due to being cost-effective and durable. The panels last longer and cost less than wood. Their metal finish and laminated vinyl make them extra durable.

Signs with Foam Core

These lightweight, durable, and affordable foam core signs look great. They are used mainly for monument signs.

MDO Post-And-Panel Signs

MDO post and panel signs are common on construction sites in Grand Rapids. The finish is smooth thanks to its mid-level material of laminated wood and vinyl. The price is right for most people.

Multipurpose Post-And-Panel Signs

This type of post and panel sign is the easiest to customize. The material can be combined with many other materials and added to LED displays and lightboxes. They’re ideal for visual marketing and promotions.

Uses for Post and Panel Signs

  • Restaurants can be easily identified with post signs. You’ll also see them at schools, hospitals, and stores.
  • An announcement of new developments and eye-catching promotions for malls, offices, apartments, condos, etc.
  • Advertisements for office, commercial, and rental properties.
  • Lets people know about local sales and job vacancies.
  • Durable metal business signs are a smart option. You can put them under dangerous construction sites, and they won’t damage easily.
  • They’re used outside hospitals, administration buildings, parking lots, and many educational institutions. They tell you where everything is.

Learn about all the best options for post and panel signs near me. Find out more about the cost of post and panel signs in Grand Rapids and other key details. Contact us now and get the best value with Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics.