Custom Restaurant Signs

In the Grand Rapids restaurant market, signs are one tool that can help you stand out. Your restaurant signs may be just the tactic that gets you noticed over your competitors. Plus, once diners have entered your establishment, signage such as signboards can help contribute to a positive experience.

For restaurant signs “near me” in Grand Rapids, Fresh Coast Signs is your trusted partner. We can help your restaurant turn heads with impressive outdoor signage. Indoors, we offer signage solutions that will help diners explore your menu offerings and navigate through your restaurant.

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Types of Restaurant Signs

There are many uses of restaurant signs both indoors and out. The right mix of signage will help improve your business’s visibility, contribute to an attractive interior, and offer a helping hand for diners. Below are some of the common types of signage used by restaurant owners in Grand Rapids that will help you achieve the above objectives.

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Exterior Restaurant Signs: Signage outside your business commands attention. If prospects are looking for somewhere to eat, your signage can compel them to stop. For diners who are searching for your location specifically, outdoor signs can help them easily find where you’re located.

Restaurant Lighted Signs: Help diners satisfy late-night cravings with illuminated signs that alert them to your restaurant. With lighted signs, you can announce your presence day and night. Your signage will act as a 24/7 marketing partner.

Interior Restaurant Signs: Within your establishment, door signs, restroom signs, and ADA signs can help navigate diners. These helpful, informational signs will contribute to their experience and create a welcoming environment. If you’re looking to add flair to your interior, wall murals, floor graphics, and window signs can help improve your restaurant’s aesthetic. Restaurant Signs for COVID can also be helpful to inform patrons about protocols in your establishment.

Menu Boards: Make it easy for your guests to place their orders with signage that provides details about your menu offerings. Location and placement of these signs are critical to ensure they are easy to see when guests enter.

Custom Restaurant Signs: At Fresh Coast Signs, we recognize that each Grand Rapids restaurant is unique. Its size, location, and layout will dictate the size and type of signs that will suit it best. This is why we offer custom signage options to suit each restaurant. With this customization also comes the opportunity to completely personalize your signs. Fonts, colors, and images can be catered to your liking so that your signage depicts your brand specifically.

Looking for Restaurant Sign Manufacturing in Grand Rapids?

For impressive restaurant signage, reach out to us at Fresh Coast Signs. We will take the time to understand your business needs and recommend signage solutions that will achieve your objectives. We are happy to talk through your options including the cost of restaurant signs.

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