School Signs

Often, we think of offices and stores when it comes to signage. However, any type of facility or institution needs signs. This includes schools and universities in Grand Rapids.

Schools need signs to communicate with students, faculty, and visitors. Clear, visible college signs help people find their way around the facility more easily.

If you need signs for colleges, Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics is here to help! We have a range of signs that can help your facility run more smoothly. Learn more about our sign options by giving us a call today. 

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Types of School Signs

There are different types of signs needed in schools and universities. The cost of school signs depends on several factors, like the type of sign you choose. Here at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we work closely with you to determine your needs. Here are examples of signs for your Grand Rapids institution:

Uses for School Signs

Grand Rapids institutions benefit a lot from having a range of signs that they can use. These make daily operations more convenient.

Outdoor school signs, for example, establish your identity in your local community. One, they tell the public that your school exists. Along with this is showing off your school’s brand. University lawn signs that display your school’s logo and colors make you stand out.

On the other hand, digital signage for schools lets you display a range of announcements for students, parents, and the community.

Indoor school signs are used to make sure students, teachers, and staff are always well-informed. They provide important information, like directions, door labels, school reminders, and the like.

Signs are also used for celebratory occasions. During graduation season, you can see a myriad of graduation signs all around the school grounds.

High-Quality School Signs

Make it easier for students, faculty, and visitors to find their way easily in and around your business space. Let Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics deliver your various signage needs.

Elevate your school’s brand and foster team spirit today! Whether you need LED school signs, wayfinding signs, or more, our team can help.

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