Custom Pole Sign for Business in Grand Rapids, MI

The Many Benefits of Investing in a Pylon Sign

Tower over obstructions and your competitors with pylon signs, reach out to an audience far and wide.

These signs have been the byword for roadside businesses like gas stations and motels, but today pylons are popping up all over Grand Rapids. So should you be investing in pylons for your business? Will they justify the investment? What are the benefits of this elevated signage? Keep reading to find out what is a pylon sign and how they can help you drive traffic to your establishment.

What is a pylon sign?

A pylon sign comprises a large lightbox mounted atop a single tall pole or multiple pillars. The box can house virtually any illuminated sign (like a channel letter or neon sign) and dynamic elements such as changeable lettering and digital displays. Its large size and visibility have made it perfect for attracting fast-moving vehicular traffic, which is why they first became popular at gas stations, roadside diners, motels, and car dealerships. Today, however, even city-based establishments like hospitals and restaurants install pylon signs.

Benefits of pylon signs

There are two questions any business owner will ask when considering pylons: will it increase brand awareness; will it generate leads?Here is how pylons can help.

  1. Grow brand awareness

The sign can be customized to showcase the brand precisely as intended. Elements such as the logo and colors will project far and wide, day or night. The excellent all-round visibility offers inexpensive repeat marketing in the community. Over time the brand will become entrenched in people’s minds, increasing the chance for attaining top-of-mind recall.

  1. Become a local landmark

Because of their visibility, a pylonhas a high probability of becoming a local landmark. People will start referring to the pylon or your business during everyday activity. One example of this is while giving directions: “Turn right at that XYZ sign.” This kind of word-of-mouth marketing will spread brand awareness even further.

  1. Increase revenue

With a tall sign reaching prospective customers far and wide, businesses should expect an increase in foot traffic. Iconic local establishments embedded in the community will also cultivate regular patrons who like to support local establishment.Interactive elements like digital displays and LED panels help showcase promotions, which encourage impulse shoppers too.

  1. Completely customizable

One of the most significant advantages of pylons is that they are entirely customizable. You have complete creative control over the sign’s design (within the bounds of public safety and local bylaws, of course). Choose any sign for the lightbox, lighting configuration, and pole height. At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we are committed to helping design signs that enhance your business.

If you are still asking yourself,”what is a pylon sign and how it can benefit my business?” speak to a representative about your pylon sign options. We work with businesses across Grand Rapids on their signage. We design, fabricate and install signs – making the process turnkey for you. Signs are affordable and long-lasting, capable of withstanding all weather conditions.

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