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Things to Consider When Hiring a LED Sign Service Provider

According to the Small Business Association, LED signage delivers optimal results while incurring the lowest expenses. For every 1000 impressions, LED displays cost only about 15 cents, compared to about $8 for newspaper ads and $5 for radio ads. Additionally, they positively impact sales; digital signage reportedly motivates customers to browse 30% longer than they would have, and POS displays with advertising can contribute to as much as a 30% increase in sales for the advertised brands. So if you are thinking of commissioning LED signs or you’re Googling “LED sign repair near me,” there are a lot of rewards that await you when you choose the right company.

Here are some factors to consider in hiring a sign maintenance and repair provider.

Your Specific Requirements

Every business is different, and what you need may vary from what another business is looking for. When it comes to choosing LED sign maintenance and repair providers, the same holds true. It is important to take stock of your specific needs so that you can properly plot your process in:

  • Selecting which type of LED signage to install
  • Ensuring that your signs help you achieve your business goals
  • Making the most out of your investment

For example, if you need an outdoor LED signage, it helps to know how high or low you’d want it to be positioned to better meet customers where they are, the weather conditions that the sign would need to contend with, and the maintenance that it may need, among other factors. Define your requirements clearly, as they will guide you on how to go about the process.

Range of Experience

The ideal company for “LED sign repair near me” in Grand Rapids, MI or in other areas is not only one that’s located within a short distance from your business but also has extensive experience. The number of years that a company has spent in the industry paints an accurate picture of the quality of results that they can deliver.

Speaking of projects, look at the portfolio of your prospective sign provider. Some companies specialize in only one kind of sign, while others can take on a more expansive scope of requirements. Make sure that the company that you choose is well equipped to deliver what you need from them.

Number of Happy Customers

Finally, check their customer reviews. You can rely on independent online reviews or speak with business owners you know that have employed a sign company’s services in the past. Excellence leaves clues. If you see their clients are showing off well-maintained and attractive digital signs, chances are these repair service providers can deliver your expectations.

The Finest Sign Company in Michigan

Fresh Coast Signs is your trusted Grand Rapids, MI provider of LED sign and repair solutions, as well as design and installation services. With decades of experience, we have the skills that you need to get the LED sign that will bring you closer to your definition of business success.

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