Best Acrylic Signs in Grand Rapids

Top 3 Benefits of Using Acrylic Signage

Businesses have a lot of options when it comes to signs. While everyone is familiar with neon and lighted wood signs, not as many people think about the acrylic as an option. That’s unfortunate, because acrylic signs can add a look of sophistication and professionalism to any business. If you’re considering new signage for your business, you should give serious consideration to them for three reasons:

Acrylic Signs Have a Professional, Customizable Look

Acrylic is transparent and can have any sort of color, text, or image printed onto it. A sign with transparent acrylic used as the background for simple text or a logo looks professional and attractive. Acrylic door signs or acrylic desk name plates can give an office a sleek, professional look.

These signs can easily be color-matched to fit in with any existing decor. And, the transparent nature of acrylic allows you to get creative, too. Using color on both the back and front of the sign can create some really interesting effects.

They can also be twisted and stretched into any shape, so not only can your custom sign easily fit into spaces of any size or shape, it can also be used to create some really artistic and eye-catching signage. Lighting one of these signs, either from the back or the front, can also create a classy look. Frosted acrylic signs are especially attractive with backlighting.

Acrylic Signs Are Durable

Signs made from acrylic have all the design advantages of signs made from glass with none of the drawbacks. Unlike glass, acrylic is tough. This type of sign can take a pretty sharp impact without breaking and can easily last for years out in rough weather without taking any damage.

The durability of these signs can save you money, too. You won’t spend much maintaining or replacing them, making them an especially cost-effective solution for long-term signage needs.

Acrylic Signs Are Lightweight

Unlike most other sign materials, acrylic is very lightweight, enabling an acrylic business sign to be installed in places where most other signs would be too heavy. This means that your sign can be much larger and more attention-grabbing than if you had chosen a heavier material. The lightweight nature of these signs also means that they’re easy to install or, at least, easier to install than most other kinds of signs. You’ll need less hardware to hold them up and fewer people to do the installation work.

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