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Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics can design and install high-quality custom trailer wraps. Make your vehicles stand out with custom trailer wraps. If your business frequently uses commercial trailers to complete projects, deliver goods, and use them for necessary transportation. You should invest in trailer wraps for your business. Trailer wraps are a great advertising tool for your business. You can display any contact information for your company, add critical business information and advertise the types of products you sell. Contact our Grand Rapids team today if you want to learn more about commercial trailer wraps.

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What Are Trailer Wraps?

Trailer wraps are great for building brand awareness by informing everyone who passes by who your company is. They are customizable, cost-effective, and can be fitted to meet the size of any trailer. Use trailer wraps to promote your brand’s logos and colors.

There are several uses for trailer wraps. Here at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we offer vinyl trailer graphics, vinyl trailer wraps, and food trailer wraps for your vehicle. Our talented team of design experts will ensure that your business benefits from trailer wraps that have a unique design that you will love. If you live in or around Grand Rapids, contact us today to learn more.

Types of Trailer Wraps

Vinyl Trailer Wraps: These wraps are designed to protect any enclosed trailer from chips, scrapes, and scruffs. They can be designed to fit any shape or size, no matter the size of the trailer. Your business can remove vinyl trailer wraps at any time. For example, suppose your company has a yearly promotional sale. In that case, you can easily install and remove the vinyl trailer wraps without hassle.

Trailer Graphics: Make your trailer stand out with custom trailer graphics. Our design experts can create custom trailer graphics and stickers unique to your company and help you stand out. Work with Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics to create the perfect graphic for your trailer.

Trailer Advertising Wraps: Build brand awareness and visibility for your Grand Rapids business with ad-focused trailer wraps. Let people know about your company with custom-made vinyl trailer wraps. Using trailer graphics is a great way to boost your company’s reputation and help make your company easy to recognize by potential customers. Our design team will guarantee that your graphics are true to your brand and is memorable to anyone who drives or walks past it.

Food Trailer Wraps: You should invest in food trailer wraps if you run a catering business or a food truck company. Our team will help you create a brand identity with eye-catching trailer graphics. We will create and design attractive vinyl wraps that will help grow your brand visibility and gives you a more memorable image.

Get Trailer Wraps Done Right

We are located in Grand Rapids, MI; our team is dedicated to helping you create great trailer wraps that will help your business stand out. Speak with one of our trailer wrap experts to learn more about the cost of trailer wraps. Contact us today for a free quote.


Acrylic signs are a perfect choice if your business is looking for a more modern and professional appearance. They are colorless, transparent, durable polymer, resulting in a lighter, affordable alternative to traditional glass signs. We offer frosted, clear, and custom acrylic signs.

Acrylic signs create a transparent glass-like appearance and give a more modern professional look with a high-gloss finish similar to glass but with far more durability. To give off that 3D effect, you can choose a background color that our sign expert will then place at the back of your acrylic sign.

Subsurface printing costs more than standard surface printing. Still, it adds to the durability as the sign elements are covered with a layer of acrylic that gives protection, especially in outdoor applications.

Acrylic signs give off the elegant and classy illusion of glass; however, they are still made from a lightweight, shatter-resistant plastic polymer to give off the glass look.

Acrylic signs are great for short-term promotion. If taken care of correctly and following all the recommended precautions, acrylic signs can last a long time. Acrylic signs are used on various signs such as acrylic menu boards, room IDs, wayfinding signs, product displays, directional signs, POP signs, hanging signs, lobby signs, and more.