Custom Decals for Business

Varieties of Custom Decals for Businesses

Custom decals have become all the rage in Grand Rapids. Hundreds of businesses have taken advantage of how customizable, affordable, and easy to install they are.

Now, you’ll find vinyl decals at almost every business in the city – from offices to retail stores.

Why Have Custom Decals Become So Popular in Grand Rapids?

Decals have made personalized signage accessible for every business, whether you are a main street store, a commercial office, or an online e-commerce business.

Decals are great for:

  • Offering a unique customer experience.
  • Bringing your own creativity to the space.
  • Promoting new products and sales.
  • Refreshing your office without losing the security deposit.
  • Encouraging social distancing for COVID-19.

What type of decals are available? Learn more about the 7 of the most popular types of decals that you should consider for your business.

1. Wall Decals

These have become a staple across almost every business, large or small. They’re used to display everything from inspiring quotes to ongoing promotions.

New business owners even use them to ‘decorate’ their space, recreating epic vistas and artwork.

The best part? Wall decals use strong but safe adhesives. That means they can be removed easily without leaving unsightly marks on the wall (or losing the security deposit).

2. Window Decals

It’s a similar concept to wall graphics but these decals are installed on windows, such as:

  • Storefront windows
  • Office windows
  • Glass partitions
  • Mirrors

Window decals are also completely customizable. You just have to send us your design(s) and we’ll print the perfect decals.

Other than branding and advertising, perforated and frosted glass decals are great options for improving privacy.

3. Floor Decals

Floor graphics have become common since the COVID-19 pandemic. Retail stores, grocery stores, and even offices have had to install stickers to maintain physical distancing on their premises.

However, floor decals have other uses such as:

  • To promote new products.
  • To highlight ongoing sales.
  • To provide directions.
  • And much more.

Though you can pick up pre-designed signs, it’s easy to customize floor signs with your branding.

4. Packaging Labels

Online shopping has boomed since the pandemic. Differentiate your brown shipping boxes from the millions of others by using custom packaging labels.

These are easy, inexpensive ways to differentiate your business. Customers appreciate it too since branded shipping labels add a touch of uniqueness to the customer experience. For example, customize your address labels and envelope seals, or customize stickers to seal boxes. Adding a touch of branding will enhance your customers’ perception of your business.

5. Vehicle Decals

85% of your customer base is said to be located within five miles of your business. That means impactful local marketing is extremely important.

Vehicle decals are a great way to transform your commercial vehicles into mobile billboards. Instead of just another white van stuck in traffic, make your vehicle stand out.

Vinyl decals come in all shapes and sizes. The best part – they require no special maintenance and last for years.

Make sure to display your business name, logo, and contact information on your vehicle stickers.

6. Giveaway Stickers

What’s better than marketing your business yourself? Letting customers do it for you! Apple does it with all their products, and you should too.

Customers love them because stickers add something fun to their experience and raise the perceived value.

Many businesses have also started giving away stickers at events – such as pop-up stalls, trade shows, and even at conferences.

7. Organizing Labels

Personalized stickers are used more regularly for things like organizing files and labeling equipment. They’ve become an important way to differentiate businesses, especially as more and more are based out of co-working spaces.

Looking for custom decals in Grand Rapids for your business? We can print any design and cut any shape. Talk to us about your needs today.

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