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What is a custom decal?

Vinyl decals are some of the most versatile visual communication tools you can install in your Grand Rapids establishment. They can be affixed on almost all types of smooth surfaces, and that is why there are also many uses of decals, from providing directional cues to changing the ambiance of your commercial facility.

At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we can help you create and implement vinyl decals for your business. Our commitment to quality signage solutions that set your business apart makes us a trusted partner you can rely on.

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Types of Decals in Grand Rapids, MI

  • Vinyl window decals: Your storefront is a primary spot for on-location advertising. As a business owner, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to maximize that space to boost your foot traffic and competitive advantage. With custom stickers, you can inform people about your ongoing promos, newest product launches, and more.
  • Vinyl wall decals: Transform bare spaces and create more ambiance that customers will remember with the help of vinyl murals and decals. Your designs can range from different brand-related elements to motivational quotes and everything in between. In addition, these removable decals are perfect tools for updating your décor according to seasons and festivities.
  • Vinyl murals: Do you want to add an accent wall to make your space more energetic, fun, and visually appealing? With vinyl murals, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing designs that complement your branding strategy and interior or exterior building features. At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, our talented artists can also create 3D effects that will impress your target audience.
  • Vinyl floor decals: From social distancing reminders to directional cues, having custom decals on your floor is an effective yet non-intrusive way to assist customers, demonstrate your company’s values, and promote orderliness in your commercial facility in Grand Rapids.
  • Vinyl vehicle wraps: Convert regular company-owned cars into moving billboards with vinyl wraps. They easily generate hundreds if not thousands of impressions each day and can last from up to 10 to 15 years. As a bonus, these signs even protect the original paint job of your vehicle from extreme weather conditions
  • Vehicle decals: If you only want to add touches of branding to your vehicle to make them look more legitimate, we recommend that you go for printed decals instead. They are also ideal for letting people know about your company’s official address, website, contact details, and other business-related information. 

Your Go-To Custom Vinyl Decals Printing Company in Grand Rapids, MI

Are you looking for professional decals made in Grand Rapids? Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics has helped countless businesses in the area with our income-generating signage solutions. Our custom vinyl decals are fabricated from the finest materials and most high-tech equipment to achieve the level of quality that our clients expect from us.

We also pride ourselves in providing expert installation services, making sure that your vinyl decals are free from bubbles, ripples, tears, and other imperfections.

To learn more about the cost of decals in Grand Rapids, give us a call today!

Vinyl Lettering for Business Window in Grand Rapids, MI


Decals are used on almost all kinds of surfaces. They are long-lasting and highly durable. They can be used for the floor, on vehicles, windows, and walls. Decals are cut into single letters and logos and are used on a transfer tape to allow for easy transfer of the decal to allow you to place it on whatever surface of your choosing.

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials used in the signage industry. Vinyl is well known for its durability and flexibility. It is used on various surfaces; they can be used on walls, doors, windows, and floors.

Decals are made from high-grade PVC or vinyl designed to resist color fading, scratches, tears, and other minor damages. Our high-tech equipment and expert sign installer will ensure that your decals are free from bubbles, ripples, tears, and other imperfections.

Yes, vinyl decals can be easily interchangeable and removable. We recommend window vinyl decals since they are great to use when you have a seasonal sale or other special offers; you can always put them up whenever you have something happening in your store to attract customers.

We recommend using wall vinyl stickers; these can be used outside. Wall vinyl stickers are great for minimalist environments. Decals are a versatile material used on almost any surface for all types of businesses.

Compared to your traditional paint jobs. Custom decals only take half the time to install, making them easy to update no matter what time of year it is. Decals are hassle-free and disruption-free, making for a seamless and easy store renovation.