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Don’t leave your walls empty, invest in high-quality custom wall graphics, and add strength to your marketing efforts.

They’re mostly used for commercial purposes, but when planned properly, wall graphics can be used to showcase your company’s timeline, logo, taglines, display motivational quotes, and add to the overall decor of your commercial facility.

Whatever it is that you want to showcase, from hand washing signs to inspirational vinyl graphics in conference rooms, the expert sign makers at Fresh Coast Signs will conceptualize, fabricate, and expertly install every custom business sign that your business needs. If you are clear with what type of signage you want or need our guidance to find the best solution for your business, our Grand Rapids sign makers will help you identify the right custom wall graphics.

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Personalized Wall Graphics

After carefully understanding your requirements, analyzing your space, and evaluating your business objectives our signage experts will provide personalized wall graphics for your business. We only use the best quality vinyl to deliver a superior finish that stays new for a long time. From exciting wall graphics and lettering to beautiful mural wallpapers, we can create compelling displays that will generate interest and prompt better customer engagement.

Are you looking to promote a new product? Or do you have seasonal promotions that need to be changed after a while? Our removable wall graphics are a perfect fit. They can be removed, replaced, or upgraded anytime to suit the needs of your business.

Full-Service Vinyl Wall Graphics Company

Not sure about the perfect design or the right placement for your custom wall graphics? Our team of professional Grand Rapids sign and graphic designers will assist you in every state of sign fabrication. right from conceptualization, design, production, and installation, we will keep you informed and ensure you get exactly what you need. Our detailed, on-site evaluation gives us an insight into your business functions and allows us to provide customized wall graphics that perfectly fit your space.

Fresh Coast Signs uses only the highest-quality materials, to provide the highest levels of customer delight and guarantee that your wall decals have a premium finish.

Office Vinyl Wall Lettering in Grand Rapids, MI

Professional Vinyl Graphics Installers

Installing vinyl graphics and decals is not a complicated task for someone who has experience doing it. Anyone can install small removable vinyl decals, but when it comes to large-form, custom wall graphics, it is best to leave it to the professionals to obtain a smooth bubble-free finish. Sometimes, large vinyl sheets are tricky to work with and a little mistake can lead to rips and tears that may spoil the overall appearance of the graphics. 

When you trust Fresh Coast Signs, as your vinyl wall graphics installation company in Grand Rapids, our experts will carefully install your graphics and in case there is damage or any problem during the installation, we will replace them free of charge.

Free Office Wall Signs and Graphics Consultation

The experienced Grand Rapidssign and graphic professionals at Fresh Coast Signs strive to deliver the highest quality of signage solutions to all clients. We seek to build a long-term relationship that should be based on the quality of our hard work.  

With our extensive collection of indoor signs, outdoor signsvehicle wraps, banners, and more, you can never run out of choices. Our solutions make it easy for your potential customers to trust your business and convert into long-term customers. 

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Vinyl wall graphics are a large, durable adhesive designed to hold well until it is removed. They are versatile and a great way to display information about your business, such as your branding, events, and sales. Vinyl wall graphics can be cut into any shape and are easy to remove.

You can choose between permanent or removable wall graphics that can personalize your walls. They are more durable than traditional wall paint or wallpaper. Wall graphics are easy to repair and are fast to install. The vinyl material can be applied within minutes, is an excellent addition to any retail space, and is great for temporary displays.

It depends on the strength between the vinyl and the wall. Decals are very dependent on the paint and how long the graphic has been on the wall. The adhesive used is designed for easy removal and will not damage walls. When installing your wall decals, it is essential to make sure you are following the instructions for installing and removing them. Our Fresh Coast Signs & Graphic team has no problem installing wall decals for you. Contact us for more details.

Wall stickers are more of a paper-like material. It is made of two layers, a decorative layer with an adhesive on the back and clear paper on the back that you can peel off. Stickers are not easily transferable. Decals are often made from vinyl material. Decals have a permanent adhesive which helps to make them more durable. Decals are made of 3 layers. The first layer is a clear paper on the back, the decal, and a mounting film on the front.

Wall stickers are great for decorating your wall and giving it a more personalized feeling. Wall stickers are great for displaying information on your store’s walls or glass windows. Try using wall stickers if you want to spruce up your store or room. It will make your room more interesting and unique.

Wall signs are great for promoting sales, events, what your brand stands for. Wall signs are an excellent way for you to represent your brand visually. Wall signs are cost-effective and will give your businesses the fresh new look that you need without damaging your walls. Wall signs are hassle-free and are an effective and easy way to get your message across, and they are easy to maintain. You can customize your wall sign to suit your business and its needs and goals.

Wall decals can last up to 5 or more years when appropriately applied.

Vinyl is material that can be printed on, while a decal is a type of sign that is often made of vinyl. Decals can either be printed or cut. Vinyl is used for all types of signage, including decals, graphics, murals, and banners.

Yes, you can use your wall decals anywhere you want. Decals are a great way to showcase your brand, and what better way to display your brand than in the first-place people will walk in and see your business. The lobby is the first impression visitors, staff, and customers see when entering your business. Having a visual symbol for your business will make your brand even more memorable.

Wall decals are removable, and the adhesive is safe to use on vehicles and walls. When removing wall decals, it must be done carefully. Wall decals are designed to stick. If you live near the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, contact one of our sign experts, and we will send one of our experts to remove your wall decal for you.