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What to Look for in Sign Companies in Grand Rapids?

Your signs represent your brand to the public and act as your inanimate salespeople in Grand Rapids, MI. Purchasing any indoor and outdoor business sign is a major investment. Concurrently, choosing the right Grand Rapids sign company is equally vital to achieving your desired marketing outcome. To help you out, here are a few questions that you should ask and ponder on:

  1. What services do they provide? Work with a full-service sign company to save you the hassle of working with several professionals or companies who perform individualized services.
  2. What are their accolades and accomplishments? Pick a sign supplier that has a proven track record of work. 
  3. Have they worked with a similar business like yours? Your Midwest sign company must have previously provided sign solutions for a brand with similar products, services, or target audience as yours. This way, they will spend less time and resources on trial and error. Plus, you can have the confidence that your business is getting the type of signs you need.
  4. What do their previous customers say about them? It would be best to skim through featured testimonials on their website and conduct additional research on other people’s raw experience with them. This will give you a better perspective of how they perform their duties and treat their clients.
  5. What are their values, and are those aligned with yours? Before selecting a sign partner, you must set your expectations straight to avoid issues and misunderstandings along the way. Having similar values as your signage supplier is key to a lasting partnership with them. 
  6. What questions do they ask? The questions they ask, especially during the consultation stage, demonstrate the things most important to them and how much they know about the craft.
  7. What is their sign process? Get an overview of how they complete sign projects from start to finish.
  8. What is their edge from other sign companies in Muskegon, MI? Discover what sets them apart from other sign companies in the area.
  9. What kind of equipment and materials do they use? Pick a company that uses premium grade materials and high-tech equipment to ensure the quality of your signs.

Why Work with Fresh Coast Signs in Grand Rapids, MI?

Fresh Coast Signs is not your average indoor, outdoor, or LED sign company. We take pride in going above and beyond in providing localized sign solutions that turbocharge your brand’s performance. From studying your customers’ in-store behaviors to researching your competitors’ marketing tactics, we do them all to curate a tailor-made sign for you.

Many entrepreneurs consider us their go-to local sign company because we constantly strive for excellence. Despite being industry experts, we continuously sharpen our skills and broaden our knowledge to keep up with the latest trends and technology. Our dedication to the craft allows us to produce signs that are superior in quality to those manufactured by competitors.

Are you ready to experience the ‘Fresh Coast Signs Difference’? Reach out to us today!

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