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Add Privacy and Improve Comfort with Our Window Films

Improve visitor experience with personalized films for your office. Our customers use films to improve privacy, manage light, and maximize marketing potential.

Use our films in multiple areas of your business, not just on your windows. You can use our films on doors, glass partitions, and mirrors. This is why offices, salons, cafes, and many other businesses in Grand Rapids trust us for quality window glass films.

Discover the difference working with a professional signage team in Grand Rapids makes. We’ll sit with you to understand your requirements and suggest films that fit your needs. Enjoy end-to-end service from a team that designs, prints, and installs films.

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All Types of Window Films

Window films are not just used for functionality, they can be used for decoration purposes as well. Our decorative window films raise ambiance and can help you maximize your branding opportunities.

Find the ideal films for your location, including:

Can’t find the type of film you had in mind? Our fully equipped manufacturing shop can source almost any film and print any design.

Benefits and Uses of Window Film

Our customers use films to improve privacy, manage light, reduce HVAC bills, and grow brand awareness – all at the same time. Take advantage of our experience in commercial window tinting and give new life to your décor affordably.

Install films at your Grand Rapids business to:

Privacy Window Film for Office in Grand Rapids, MI

Why You Should Invest In Quality Window Film

Low-quality films will make your premises seem unprofessional and drab. Say “No!” to peeling films and poor-quality finishes. Choose us instead for your window film needs.

Ensure a perfect fit with a team that brings years of experience installing window tinting near you. No rips, no tears, no air bubbles – that’s a guarantee. For us, the project isn’t complete till you’re satisfied.

At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, our motto is simple – bringing your dream designs to life. You’ll work with a team that guides you through the entire process:

We also remove old films, clean windows from adhesives, and more. We provide a seamless experience from start to finish.

Get Window Film for Your Grand Rapids Business

Enjoy white-glove service from an experienced office window tinting company. You’ll have a single point of contact for your project – that means less time on the phone and better signs for your business.

We don’t surprise customers with an inflated bill at the end either. We finish projects on time, without any hidden fees, and help you keep the cost of window films within budget.

Get maximum value for your budget with quality materials. It’s why our films last longer and look more premium.

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There are several factors to consider when choosing window films. One, you should know the different types of window films to determine which one works for you. Some films give protection and insulation, while others are more decorative. Costs also play a key role in your choice, along with hiring an expert window film installer.

Yes, all window films are removable. They are made to stick to window spaces for years but can be removed when needed. However, because of their adhesive backing, window films generally aren’t reusable. They cannot be reapplied not unless the films you choose are static clings and not adhesive films

Window films can perform different functions. They are popularly used as a protective shield, reducing the amount of sunlight that enters your space. It can also block harmful UV rays and regulate the levels of light and heat that goes in. Today, window films can be customized to add a decorative feature to your space.

Window films are made to adhere to any type of window space safely. Despite strong adhesives, it should not cause any damage to your windows. Working with an experienced window film installer like Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics is a must to ensure you get the right type of film installed the right way.

The length of time it takes to install window films largely depends on the size of the area being covered. Most projects won’t take more than a day to complete. For instance, one front door can take under an hour, while a complete window tint installation for cars can take around 2-4 hours.

Yes, there are certain types of window films that work to give you nighttime privacy. Black-out privacy films can give you 100% privacy while preventing any light from coming in. Mirror window films are also great, creating a mirror effect on your outdoor windows. This blocks out 95% of light, providing plenty of privacy.

Window films can be installed both inside and outside your window spaces. Each has its benefits and use, depending on your needs. Exterior films offer more heat protection, flexibility, and security. Installing outside your space also causes minimal disruptions, perfect for high-traffic businesses. Lastly, exterior installation is best for decorative window films.

Yes, there are window films that can prevent light from entering your space. However, not all window films have the same function. Window films that block light are available in varying degrees. Most films will block out around 50% of sunlight, while others provide 100% of the light from coming in.

The cost of window films varies depending on several factors. This includes the type of film used, size, and customized design. Installation can also affect the cost. To get a free quote, feel free to contact us today.