Custom Blade Signage

If your business has a storefront entrance in Grand Rapids, you can help catch the eye of prospects with blade signs. There are many types of blade signs to choose from, the most common of which is affixed to the exterior of your building. With business details on both sides, your signs will definitely be noticed by pedestrians and motorists alike, making them a key type of signage for your business.

Fresh Coast Signs is your source for blade signs manufacturing in Grand Rapids. We can help you promote your business with effective blade signs that look sharp and help your business get noticed.

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What is a Blade Sign?

You may be most familiar with outdoor blade signs that hang above a business entrance. These flat signs have information on both sides so that they face both vehicle and foot traffic. They extend perpendicularly from the building with various types of mounting options. Many businesses in Grand Rapids also use illuminated blade signs so that they draw attention both during the day and night.

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Interior blade signs also prove effective for businesses. In multi-tenant facilities, they can be used to label each unit so that guests can navigate with ease. They can also offer a helping hand with wayfinding, pointing people towards the exit, restrooms, and elevators. Similar to outdoor hanging blade signs, they are mounted perpendicular to the wall so that they stand out and are easy to spot.

Uses of Blade Signs

For brick-and-mortar stores, blade signs for retail are a popular choice in Grand Rapids. Since these signs are two-sided and face traffic, they can help businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace. The same holds true for restaurants, offering a captivating way to get noticed when patrons are looking for a place to eat or drink.

Beyond retail and restaurants, many types of Grand Rapids businesses have turned to blade signs to enhance their marketing and connect with people inside their establishment. No matter your type of business, our team at Fresh Coast Signs will talk you through your options for blade signs “near me.”

Custom Blade Signs


With various types of materials, mounts, and illumination options, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the look and feel of your signs. Our design team at Fresh Coast Signs will work with you on your sign’s aesthetic so that it stands out for all the right reasons. We’ll incorporate your branding for the ultimate personalization, making your signs unique to your business.

Creative Blade Signage for Business in Grand Rapids, MI

Looking for Blade Signs in Grand Rapids?

Our sign-making process at Fresh Coast Signs starts by getting to know your business. We take the time to understand your signage goals and your business location so that we can recommend signs that fit your needs and your space. We will also advise on the cost of blade signs so that we consider your budget as well.

Whether you need vertical blade signs or another type of signage, reach out to us. We offer a wide range of solutions for interior signs, exterior signs, and vehicle wraps.

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