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Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics provides high-quality outdoor signs to make a strong positive impression on customers even before they enter your commercial establishment in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and beyond! Our team of sign makers at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics provides high-quality exterior signs that promote your brand and complement your business.

The Grand Rapids outdoor signage professionals at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics provide complete design, production, and installation of outdoor signs such as storefront signs, window displays, portable signage, outdoor banners, yard signs, monument signs and more. Our sign solutions help improve your inflow of customers and keep your business healthy.

Our outdoor sign experts will consult with you to understand your challenges and signage requirements to ensure your marketing materials are in line with your branding.

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Exterior Storefront & Building Signs

We want you to welcome your clients with unique storefront signs. When it comes to creating perfect storefront signs for your business, many factors come into play such as style, size, placement, colors, and more.

With so many options available, our signage experts are always ready to guide you in the right direction and ensure that you are making the right choice for your business. We understand that every business is unique and has unique needs. That is why we will analyze each aspect of your business including brand personality, locations, budget, competition, and more.

Get in touch with us to make sure that you have the right storefront sign for your Grand Rapids business. We are ready to go the extra mile to ensure your business stands out among competitors using our exterior signs and graphics.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

If you want to focus more on a particular area of your business without making any changes to other areas, our channel letter signs, and dimensional letters are a perfect choice to add a flair of sophistication to your business. There are many varieties in terms of numbers, letters, symbols, and even your logo!

At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, you have a wide range of choices to customize your signage to ensure it reflects consistency with your brand. Our outdoor business signage experts are always there to provide necessary recommendations in case you want them.

Channel letters can work for any type of business or location as they are one of the most versatile and effective exterior business signs. 

Exterior Signs in Grand Rapids

Exterior Lighted Signs for Business

Many businesses don’t stop when the sun goes down. In fact, many of them come alive! If you’re one of those businesses, Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics produces high-quality outdoor lighted signs that will promote your brand even at night.

We have a wide variety of high visibility signs, such as illuminated channel letters, backlit dimensional signs, cabinet signs, digital displays, LED signs, and message boards that call attention to your business. We specialize in LED signs since they consume a lot less electricity and are more environmentally friendly.

Lit signs have the potential to attract customers like a moth to a flame. They’re an ideal choice for theaters, bars, comedy clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, convenience stores, retail businesses, gas stations, restaurants, and more.

Custom Sign Panels

If you are looking for a versatile solution that can be installed directly at your storefront, custom sign panels are the answer. They can be produced into any shape or size and can be adjusted as per the budget. 

There are a lot of material choices that include cut vinyl to metal plates, lightbox in an acrylic panel and translucent printing, and much more. The sign makers at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics will provide you the best alternatives depending upon your budget, location, and purpose.

Sign Panels are popular for small businesses, manufacturing plants, auto repair and service centers, and other businesses looking for a functional, highly customizable storefront sign.

Exterior Monument Signs

If you want to introduce a higher level of sophistication to your business, monument signs are the right choice. They are a long-term investment that will not require much maintenance and can display your brand name, gaining thousands of impressions every day. They usually cover name, address, and brand elements.

Digital message boards, on the other hand, help you achieve a more modern appearance. They are fabricated by using solid materials and with integrated displays, we can create them with custom marble signs, sandblasted signs, metal signs, wooden signs, and more.

Monument signs are situated at the main entrance to offices, government buildings, churches, schools and universities, private clubs, and resorts.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Get the attention of your customers from long distances using pole signs, tenant signage, and pylon signs.

If your business is situated next to roads or major highways, these tall signs are perfect options to catch the attention of a large group. They come in different sizes, heights, and display types.

Based on the situations mentioned above, pole signs are a perfect solution that will enhance visibility and draw attention to food centers, shopping areas, gas stations, supermarkets, and establishments that are not located along with the main areas.

Your Complete Outdoor Business Signs Provider

Build a strong local presence and improve the visibility of your business by using outdoor business signs from Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics. We can provide you the best Grand Rapids exterior sign solutions that will enhance your brand perception and generate positive sentiment around your brand. 

We offer a wide range of outdoor sign solutions including A-frames, blade signs, flag signs, real estate signage, post and panel signs, vehicle wraps, and vinyl window signage. Whatever it is that you are looking for, the sign makers at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics and cater to all your requirements.

Full-Service Local Outdoor Sign Company

Our wide array of options ensures that you will find the best sign for your business. Our experts will guide you through design, production, and installation. Also, we can work with your existing signage and develop a consistent solution that will carry your brand.

The wide varieties of choices that we offer ensure that you will always get what you want for your business. Additionally, our expert sign makers will guide you at every stage of sign manufacturing that covers conceptualization, sign design, production, sign installation, and maintenance in order to deliver a superb experience and build a long-term relationship.

We can design anything from exterior banners to storefront signs. Our best in class equipment and emphasis on a seamless workflow allow us to deliver the best outdoor signs in Grand Rapids, MI. We will also process any required permits during fabrication.

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Our Grand Rapids custom outdoor sign experts at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics are the perfect partners if you are looking for the best outdoor business signs that are durable, versatile, and long-lasting. Everything we produce is made from the best materials to ensure premium finish and durability. We are ready to provide customized solutions to cater to your business needs.

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Outdoor signs are any type of sign that is positioned outside your business space. These signs are used primarily to advertise and let people know that your business exists.

Outdoor signs are typically made of durable materials like aluminum, acrylic, metal, and more. This ensures that your signs can resist harsh weather conditions.

The best material used for outdoor signs is those that are durable and weather resistant. This makes sure that your signs are not prone to damage and rusting due to extended exposure to UV rays, rain, and more.

The popular choice for outdoor sign materials includes aluminum, treated metal, acrylic, and more.

Outdoor signs are built to endure harsh weather conditions. How long they last depends largely on the type of sign and material used.

For example, vinyl banners can last three years or more when properly secured. PVC signs last 5 to 7 years on average, while aluminum signs last between 7-10 years. 

Signage, particularly exterior signs, makes your presence known in your local community. These give your brand a name, building more familiarity for your business.

Outdoor signs also function as effective wayfinding signs. They make it easier for people to spot your business and find their way to your space, even in a crowded area. 

The turnaround time for signs depends on the size and type of sign you choose. Larger or more complex signs require more time than others.

Some signs, like banners, can only take a few days. However, other outdoor signs, like pylon signs and monument signs, may take a few weeks to months before completion.