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If increasing brand awareness, business visibility, and establishing a solid local presence of your brand are your goals, custom vehicle graphics by Fresh Coast Signs is the right choice for your business.

Vehicle graphics are great tools for brand building and spreading awareness about your business. We produce all manner of products including full auto wraps, partial wraps, vinyl lettering and graphics, and vehicle magnets. Vinyl graphics are a simple and affordable alternative to introduce your business to a new community. Whether you are going to work, delivering a package, or picking up and dropping off your corporate employees, custom vinyl wraps, graphics, and lettering will inform passersby about the existence of your brand and deliver the required information to get in touch with your business!

We will assist you in choosing the right design and placement of your vehicle graphics in order to boost the visibility of your brand and help you achieve your marketing goals. Fresh Coast Signs is a provider of affordable signs and graphics solutions in Grand Rapids, MI. We aim to deliver the highest level of customer delight to maintain a long-term partnership with our clients.

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High-Quality Vehicle Graphics & Lettering

If you are looking for an economical way to add your logo for brand identification, vinyl vehicle graphics are the best choice. You can use your graphic, logo, or other images on any area of your vehicle, including your bumper, tailgate, hood, side panel, door. When combined with vinyl lettering, you can add more information to your message including business name, contact information, and taglines.

If you are looking for a dynamic messaging strategy and want full control over when your message can be changed without spending extravagantly, vinyl graphics and lettering is the perfect choice for your business.

Your Trusted Vehicle Graphics Maker in Grand Rapids, MI

As your local full-service signs and graphics shop, our vehicle graphics experts will take care of every aspect including design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance, or repairs if required. Our process begins with a free consultation where our vehicle graphics experts will understand your visibility and marketing goals. Based on your input, they will recommend a solution that will cover durability, longevity, and most importantly your budgetary needs. 

Once we have all the details, we will start working on the design that will include all the relevant brand elements that are in line with your marketing goals. Once this design gets your approval, we will start in house production of your vinyl vehicle graphics and lettering. 

Finally, our professional vehicle graphics installation team will then carefully install your graphics while making sure there are no bubbles, warps, ripples, and tears. Once it is done, your vehicle will be ready to generate thousands of impressions for your brand. 

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Free Vehicle Graphics Consultation

At Fresh Coast Signs, we strive to deliver perfect vehicle graphics and lettering solutions to our clients that not only boost visibility but also last for a long time so our clients get the most out of their investment. We seek to develop a long-term partnership to deliver all types of signs and graphics.

We specialize in producing all types of custom business signs including interior signs, exterior signs, vehicle wraps, and graphics, vinyl banners, event signage, and all other forms of temporary and permanent signs that Grand Rapids businesses would want to communicate effectively with their audience.

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Vehicle graphics are typically made from vinyl materials designed explicitly for vehicles. High-quality vinyl with adhesive backing is commonly used, providing durability, flexibility, and weather resistance suitable for various vehicle surfaces. We use the finest and high-quality materials so that we can ensure your graphics last.

The longevity of vehicle graphics varies based on factors like material quality, exposure to elements, and maintenance. Professionally installed and well-maintained graphics can last anywhere from three to seven years, retaining their color and vibrancy. If you have any concerns, contact us so we can give you more information.

Vehicle graphics serve as mobile advertising tools, promoting businesses, brands, or services. They increase brand visibility, create a professional image, and effectively communicate messages to a broad audience while the vehicle is on the move. They allow people to see your brand and/or services 24/7, which makes them a commonly used signage solution.

Vehicle graphics should feature essential information such as company logos, contact details (phone numbers, websites), key services offered, and brief, attention-grabbing messages relevant to the brand or business. If you are stuck with ideas, we can help you brainstorm and make suggestions once you book an appointment with us.

To extend the lifespan of vehicle graphics, regular cleaning using mild soap and water, parking in shaded areas, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasives, and providing routine maintenance, such as waxing, can significantly prolong their durability. However, it’s important to be very careful so that you don’t ruin or damage your graphics.

Wash vehicle graphics gently using a soft sponge or cloth, mild detergent, and water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, high-pressure washers, or brushes that could damage the graphics. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spots. You can also get it done professionally so that you can ensure no harm comes to it.

Updating vehicle graphics periodically is recommended to keep branding fresh, reflect changes in services, or update contact information. Changes in branding strategy or rebranding efforts might also warrant updating vehicle graphics. However, it is not a requirement. It all depends on the kind of business you have and what you’re offering to others.

Professionally installed vehicle graphics do not ruin the paint when correctly applied and removed. However, improper installation or using low-quality materials might cause damage upon removal, especially if left on for an extended period. That’s why we recommend choosing a full-service signage company so that you can ensure you’re getting the best possible application.

Vehicle graphics are meticulously applied by professionals using specific techniques and tools. The surface is thoroughly cleaned, and the graphics are precisely measured, aligned, and adhered using squeegees to ensure a smooth, bubble-free finish. Using a full-service signage company means that the application process will be done smoothly and effectively.

The installation duration for vehicle graphics varies based on the complexity of the design and the size of the vehicle. Generally, simple graphics on smaller vehicles might take a few hours, while complex designs on larger vehicles could take a day or more to install. If you’re looking for a more detailed timeline, give us a call so we can better understand your signage needs.