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Commercial signs in Grand Rapids can help your company get noticed. Whether you are looking to promote an event, share critical business information, or simply get your name out there, there are so many uses of commercial signs. Outdoors in Grand Rapids, these signs have the power to connect with your existing customer base and even bring in new prospects. Indoors, these signs can inform guests and influence purchasing designs.

However, in order to achieve those objectives, it’s essential to work with a commercial sign company in Grand Rapids. Fresh Coast Signs& Graphics is your trusted signage partner, offering a wide range of sign options for businesses. Whether you need interior signs, exterior signs, custom signage, or vehicle wraps, our team can help create impressive results.

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Types of Commercial Signs

Depending on the nature of your business, there are a variety of signage options to consider. If this is your first time looking into commercial building signs, our team can help. We can walk you through the signage types listed below:

Outdoor Commercial Signs: Promoting your business starts before guests arrive. Many types of outdoor signs in Grand Rapids can share your brand message and catch the eye of prospects. Pylon signs, monument signs, and building signs can let people know where your business is located. They can often be seen from a distance and alert people about your company.

From there, storefront signs, yard signs, and other types of signage can offer information. Consider sharing parking information, hours of operation, and other details that guests need to know. When it comes to creating great first impressions, your outdoor signs will be sure to deliver.

Indoor Commercial Signs: When guests step inside, your signage can contribute to providing an exceptional experience. Lobby signs can help highlight your brand in an impressive way that shows you care about your company. Wayfinding signs and floor decals can offer a helping hand as guests navigate through your facility. ADA signs will ensure inclusivity in your business and cater to people of all abilities.

If you’re looking to add flair to your interior spaces in Grand Rapids, wall murals and wall graphics can assist. These signs can transform your space while still being used to promote your business. You may also choose to take advantage of height within your facility by using banners or hanging signs to catch the eye of customers while they’re onsite.

Don’t see the specific type of sign you’re looking for above? Reach out to our team for more information on signage options in Grand Rapids.

Heritage Commercial Pylon Signs in Grand Rapids, MI

Custom Commercial Signs: One of the many benefits of crafting commercial signs “near me” is the ability for individual results. Our team at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics will work with you to personalize your signage. This means we will include your company logo, fonts, colors, and other elements that tie into your brand.

Your signage will not only be an informational tool but will also showcase your brand and create cohesion in your space. Customers and guests will be sure to notice that you’ve gone the extra mile to communicate with them in a stylish way. 

If you’re ready to get started with commercial signs, reach out to us at Fresh Coast Signs& Graphics. We will take the time to understand your business and the types of signage solutions that will deliver results. We’re also keen to discuss the cost of commercial signs in order to recommend options that align with your budget.
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