Construction Signs

On a job site, construction site, or renovation project, construction signs are essential. They do not only help protect workers involved in the project but can also protect the public too. From alerting people to hazards and directing traffic, these signs have an important role to play.

Fresh Coast Signs is a construction sign maker in Grand Rapids. We help businesses to enhance safety with construction site signs that are visible and effective. Our signage solutions are high quality and durable so that they’ll withstand the elements outdoors and on your job site. Together, we will work with your business on essential signage that meets safety requirements and local regulations in Grand Rapids.

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What Are Your Options for Construction Sign Boards?

There are many types of signage options available for your worksite in Grand Rapids. Some of your options include:

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  • Construction safety signs
  • Construction warning signs
  • Road construction signs
  • Traffic signs
  • Builders Signs


With the above signage options also come various decisions when it comes to a sign’s mount and location. Our well-trained team will work with you to determine the most effective signage solution for the nature of your worksite.

We will also consider whether you need portable signage that is reusable or a more permanent solution. If this is your first time looking into your options for safety signs, you can rest easy knowing that we will work collaboratively with you from start to finish.

Custom Construction Signs

At Fresh Coast Signs, we also offer the option to add branding to your signage. Perhaps you’d like to include your company’s name, logo, or contact information? We can customize your signage to include these elements so that they become an extension of your company.

The very nature of construction signs is for them to be highly visible. With so much attention on these signs, why not allow your company to promote its work by customizing your signs? Our team at Fresh Coast Signs will work with you to incorporate branding elements on your signs while also ensuring they focus on safety.

Triangle Construction Sign for Safety

Looking for Construction Signs “Near Me” in Grand Rapids?

For professional and effective signage, reach out to us at Fresh Coast Signs. Our well-trained Grand Rapids team has your business’s best interests at heart. We will work collaboratively with you to recommend construction signs that will enforce safety for both your workers and members of the public.

We also offer a range of interior signs, exterior signs, and vehicle wraps to suit every one of your business’s needs. We complement our wide range of signage options with a full-service process. We take care of all aspects of your signage project from conceptualization through to creation, installation, and maintenance. While we will continue to work with you throughout, our end-to-end process allows you to remain focused on your business while we focus on your signage project.

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