Cabinet Signs

The Many Uses for Cabinet Signs

What is a Cabinet Sign?

Custom cabinet signs are wall-mounted signs that sit inside the front glass door of each glass merchandiser – also commonly referred to as storefront cabinet signs. It can also be mounted on a stand or hung from the ceiling. Cabinet signs provide the store with information about products and prices to customers shopping in the Grand Rapids area.

The signs do not interfere with customers’ views of merchandise or their decisions of what to buy. Instead, the sign simply reminds them of what’s available and at what price if they’re interested in buying it.
It’s a simple and cost-effective solution because the cost of cabinet signs is often lower than other types of signs. You can find cabinet signs in Grand Rapids by contacting Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics. 

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Cabinet Signs and Customer Needs

Many retail stores in Grand Rapids will use cabinet signs or light box signs to offer other types of information to customers. For example:

Product Recall – Some signs simply list the name(s) of a product(s) that has been recalled recently by the store or a manufacturer. They can also let you know why the product is being recalled, as well as any steps that customers should take if they have it in their home.

Store Coupons – Stores might list the amount of money they are offering off a particular item or group of items. This way, shoppers can tell at a glance if there are any extra savings available.

Automated Pricing – In this case, the sign might list both a regular price and a sale price for an item. Customers can then see at a glance how much of a discount they are getting. 

Other Uses of Cabinet Signs in Grand Rapids

In addition to the services mentioned above, there are other ways in which cabinet signs can be used, as well as there being many types of cabinet signs. Retailers often make up their own signs to fit their individual needs, and you might offer information that is important to your customers:

Coupons for Other Items – If your store offers a rewards program or sells products like toys, household items, and beauty supplies, you could put together coupons using the same design as your “On Sale” box signs.

Customer Service Phone Number – If you have long lines at your cash register, you might want to use your commercial cabinet signs to list the phone number customers can call if they need help with a return or other issues. This way, they don’t use up others’ time in line while waiting for assistance.

Store Hours & Directions – Some stores will use a sign with their logo to let customers know when they are open and where the nearest entrance is. You can also provide directions for those who aren’t familiar with your store’s location. To draw more attention to this important information, some choose to use illuminated sign cabinets.

About Us – Customers love seeing pictures of smiling team members. It makes them more likely to ask questions and return in the future. If you don’t have space for a large sign, consider putting together custom box signs with your logo and the name of your store. 

General Safety & Emergency Information – Newer business cabinet signs might also provide safety tips (e.g. “Don’t forget to take your purses”) or let customers know that they can use your in-store phone to call 911 or other emergency services.

Exterior Cabinet Signs
Exterior Cabinet Signs

Where to find Cabinet Signs Near You

Many of these signs can be edited to fit the needs and style of your store in Grand Rapids. Grab a free quote for cabinet signs at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics today!