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As the best Custom Signs maker serving Muskegon County and Grand Rapids, we often hear our clients reference us as their Local Grand Rapids Sign Company or Muskegon Sign Company. No matter your business location, we are a part of a large sign network and our signage and graphics company can help you make a strong impact on customers before they enter your commercial establishment.

Are you looking for custom signage that boosts visibility and enhances brand perception? Do you think your business needs more foot traffic? No matter how big or small your business is, at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we have got a perfect solution for you!

Using your vision and our expertise, the sign experts at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics can create personalized, custom signs and graphics for your Grand Rapids business. We offer a wide variety of options that include custom bannersvinyl graphicsstorefront signsbuilding signs, and more.

No matter what type of business you own, we have solutions that’ll help your business expand to new territories, build authority, and communicate effectively with your customers. Working with our signage experts to get personalized custom signs and graphics would be a worthy investment.

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Custom Signs That Set Your Business Apart

To get the attention of your target audience, your business must stand apart from the competition. The highly effective custom signs and graphics from Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics will help you achieve that by understanding your marketing goals, business needs, and the local competition. Based on these, our sign makers will craft a signage strategy that will keep delivering results in the long run while enhancing brand perception. 

We will work relentlessly to turn your vision into reality. As a full-service sign company serving Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and beyond, we provide all forms of interior signsexterior signsvehicle wraps and graphics, event signage, custom banners and more to take full advantage of every opportunity to promote your business.

Personalized Signs for Your Business

Personalized business signs can help in solidifying your brand identity against the competition. It can also help in showcasing a professional image to your customers. Consistent and cohesive signage helps customers form a positive perception of your business. Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics is ready to be your local sign partner in providing quality signage solutions. 

From mom-and-pop shops to huge corporations, we are happy to partner with all kinds of businesses in Grand Rapids, MI. Our unlimited custom solutions will take your brand to new heights and help you in garnering more customers. The custom signage experts at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics will keep you posted at every stage of the sign manufacturing process. We will help you decide the right design, materials, and installation options to have impactful signage that delivers positive results.

Our custom interior signs and exterior signage options can be personalized to any style and deliver the exact message that you have in mind. Whether you are looking for a single, long-term sign or many unique signs and graphics for your enterprise, we will deliver the perfect custom sign and graphics solution.

Custom Pylon Monument Signage for Business

Our Custom Signage Approach

Our custom specialty signs accurately depict what your business is and where it is located to make it easy for customers to understand what you provide. We process your ideas and turn them into money-making plans with quality custom signs and graphics.

We take a consultative approach. We focus on the challenges that our clients are facing and come up with solutions that will deliver positive results and fit their budget. Once approved, we move towards the other aspects of sign manufacturing that involve conceptualization, sign design, sign production, sign installation, and maintenance.

Free Custom Signs Consultation

Custom signage at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics is the perfect choice if you are looking for catchy, durable, and versatile solutions that elevate your brand and grow your business.

We deliver premium Grand Rapids personalized signage that is carefully designed to include your brand elements, fabricated, and installed to complement your brand. We aim to meet your promotional needs and fit your budget.

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Custom signage is any sign that is designed and made specifically to your needs. This means you have full control of the design, shape, size, color, and materials of your sign.

Getting custom signs lets you have one-of-a-kind signs that boost your brand and set you apart from other businesses.

You can go the DIY route when creating custom signs. However, to ensure your signs are done right, it’s best to trust the expertise of experienced sign makers like Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics.

Show us your design vision and let us know your signage needs by giving us a call today.

There are different types of custom signs available here at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics. We also have a selection of materials that can satisfy your business and budget needs. Choose among the following signs and more:

Signs play a key role in any business and industry. They are used in a variety of ways to benefit your business. Signs can help with branding, advertising, and getting your message across. They are your silent customer service and sales representatives, engaging your customers every step of the way.

Custom design works by putting the unique features of your business front and center of your signs. This includes your logo, brand colors, and other branding elements. It’s the best way to differentiate your business, especially in competitive environments. A custom design is needed to reinforce your brand and increase brand recognition.

Because these signs are custom-made, the cost varies depending on several elements. This includes the type of sign, materials, size, and complexity of the design. The choices you make affect the price of the sign.

To get a better idea of costs, feel free to contact us and we’ll give you a free quote.

The turnaround time for custom sign projects depends on the type of sign and design you choose. Some signs take longer than others to make. For instance, vinyl signs generally have shorter turnaround times compared to electronic signs. It’s best to ask your local sign maker at the start of the sign project.

Yes, you can finance your signs! For start-ups, the cost of your signs can even be included in your original business plan. You can include it as part of your start-up budget and your small business asset loan according to the International Sign Association. Existing businesses can finance signs through usual lending means.

There are different ways you can maintain your new signage. However, this depends on the type of sign. For instance, exterior signs need to be cleaned regularly as they are exposed to outdoor elements. A basic wash or wipe-down can make all the difference in how your signs look.

There are a few basic details needed when starting a new sign project. Knowing what type of sign you need is crucial. Also, having a design in mind is helpful, although we can help with the design when needed. It’s also important to have a set budget to narrow down your choices.