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Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics can boost your business by providing high-quality vinyl wraps, business car wraps, and boat wraps. Our vehicle wraps and graphics will deliver positive results in Grand Rapids, MI.

Whatever your business may be, our vinyl wraps and decals are perfect for any set up, from delivery trucks to commercial vehicle fleets. Our talented artists provide unique designs for every client, or we can use designs you already have and love. We design and install car vinyl graphics, boat wraps, commercial van wraps, and vehicle wraps. The vehicle wraps experts at Fresh Coast Signs are well versed in the art of designing and installing high-quality vehicle wraps and graphics.

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

When it comes to deciding on the right type of vehicle wraps or graphics for your business, the choice is not easy as many factors play a role in deciding what’s best for the business. Take a look at different solutions that we provide that have the potential to take your promotional campaigns to the next level. 

Full Vehicle Wraps

One of the best ways to turn your commercial vehicles into mobile advertising billboards is by investing in full vehicle wraps. They can improve your visibility by showcasing your brand elements like logo, colors, message, and more. On top of that, our heavy-duty vinyl offers protection against small scratches, dents, and fading of body paint.  

Custom Vehicle Graphics for Heart Scaped in Grand Rapids, MI
Before and After Vehicle Wrap Work Done by Fresh Coast Signs

Partial Vehicle Wraps

If you are looking to style some particular parts of your commercial vehicle, partial vehicle wraps are the right choice for you. Our talented designers can create personalized vinyl wraps to cover any part of your vehicles such as the bumper, door, side panel, tailgate, or any combination that you want.

Our vehicle wraps experts will follow the natural contours and joints of your vehicle while applying your wrap to ensure a seamless finish. Partial vehicle wraps are ideal for those business owners who are not looking to spend a huge amount but still want to reap the benefits of mobile advertising.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics are one of the most versatile solutions for any kind of promotion. They can be applied, removed, or updated within a few minutes. These small cut vinyl graphics can be produced in any shape or size and applied anywhere on your vehicle without making much difference to the overall appearance. They are used to showcase the logo, contact details, taglines, or any small message.

Vehicle Magnets

If you do not want to alter the appearance of your car or van semi-permanently, vehicle magnets are the perfect versatile solution. They can be replaced easily without installing a new magnet every time. In areas with signage restrictions, custom vehicle magnets offer high utility. They can be produced in different styles, shapes, and sizes. 

Professional Vinyl Wraps and Graphics for All Types of Vehicles

At Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics, we have the required expertise and experience along with state-of-the-art equipment to develop high-quality wraps and graphics for all types of vehicles including car, van, truck, trailer or boat.

Before we dive straight into designing your vehicle wrap, we will carefully analyze your promotional goals, business objectives, branding, and budget to produce a sensational design that would be impossible to ignore for the audience. 

Our Services Include:

As your local sign shop in Grand Rapids, our services are not only restricted to vehicle wraps and graphics, we also produce all types of interior signs, exterior signs, custom signs, event signage, vinyl banners and more.

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

If your business requires visiting the clients at their home or commercial address, it is very important that your brand gets instant recognition and is seen as a trusted resource in the community. Fleet wraps are a perfect way to establish that as they can carry your brand’s message efficiently and effectively.

Any business can benefit from attractive vinyl wraps and graphics. This long-term, economical solution works for all types of business including local companies and national enterprises. Vinyl wraps can promote your business whether you are a cable company, handyman, cleaner, electrician, or repair technician. 

Promotional Car Wraps

While protecting your vehicles from harsh weather conditions, the promotional car wraps designed by Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics and take your brand to thousands of people every day. This opens an opportunity for businesses that do not have a strong retail presence but still want to promote their business aggressively. 

Custom Boat Wraps

Our Grand Rapids vehicle sign solutions are not restricted to the roads! Our marine-grade vinyl boat and trailer wraps can protect your boat against sand, freshwater, and saltwater. It is a great alternative to increase your brand’s reach while protecting your investments.

Water-based businesses like parasailing, whale watching, charter fishing, and more can improve their visibility by using marine-grade vinyl wraps from Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics. This provides an opportunity to promote your business even when the boats are docked.

Designs That Are Perfected for Your Grand Rapids Business

From simple logos to complex layouts, the signage experts at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics can carefully craft a unique auto wrap design that would include brand elements and match your brand’s style . We will keep you involved at every stage to ensure that you get the auto wrap that you wanted. 

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping Company

During the consultation phase, our vehicle wrap experts will analyze your marketing goals and evaluate the type of vehicles that can produce positive results for your business in Grand Rapids, MI. We will also provide some mockup designs to help you picture how your auto wrap will look. 

You can make the changes in terms of colors, graphic elements, design, and aesthetics to create your vehicle wrap design as per your preferences. After your approval, we will start producing your custom vehicle wrap in our local sign shop. 

Once the production is complete, our expert installers will apply the wrap to your vehicle by carefully avoiding bubbles and ripples. We also provide maintenance services and can change, update, or remove your auto wrap based on your instructions.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Our custom Grand Rapids commercial vehicle wraps and graphics at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics are a perfect choice for your business if you are looking to build a strong local presence through a long-term economical advertising solution. Our premium wraps include the highest quality vinyl that provides protection as well as durability.

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Grand Rapids Mobile Notary Car Rear Window Graphics by Fresh Coast Signs


Vehicle wraps enable you to change the entire look of your car, truck, or other vehicles. People use these for specific reasons.

Business owners choose vehicle wraps for branding and advertising, letting them increase their market reach. Others use these instead of repainting their car. Wraps are also used to protect the original paint. 

The cost of vehicle wrap advertising depends on a variety of factors. Mainly, it has a lot to do with the size of the vehicle, the type of vinyl material used, the complexity of design, and installation costs.

A full vehicle wrap’s cost generally range anywhere between $2,000 – $5,000. 

The difference in the cost of vehicle wraps and car painting depends on a few elements. One of these is the quality of the materials and results.

For example, a full wrap is more expensive than a low-quality paint job. However, higher-quality paint jobs can cost as much as vehicle wraps, if not more. 

The vinyl used for vehicle wraps is specifically designed to be applied onto vehicle surfaces for long periods. As such, the car wrap does not damage the car’s original paint.

Getting vehicle wraps actually offers a layer of protection to your car’s original paint. This keeps your vehicle’s paint in pristine condition. 

Yes, you can definitely wash a wrapped car! However, to ensure no damage is caused, there are specific steps to washing a wrapped vehicle.

Always handwash with lightly soapy water, and never hot water. You should always use a gentle microfiber cloth and nothing with any sort of grit or scratchiness to it.