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10 Incredibly Unique Custom Wall Graphic Designs

Marketers are always trying to think up new advertising campaigns; experimenting with different ideas, and trying to come up with something that hasn’t been done before. Truthfully, almost everything has been done, and the art of marketing and persuasion is well understood by a lot of people.

 So what can you do with your wall graphics that would truly be unique?

Wall Graphics That Stand Apart

Not only do these ideas stand out, but they stand apart. Here are 10 ideas for your custom wall graphics that are unique.

1.     3D Graphics

These are pretty rare and they capture a lot of attention. These graphics aren’t literally three-dimensional, but with the right design, a 2D graphic can appear three-dimensional.

2.     “Don’t Buy Our Product”

The “We don’t need you, you need us” trick. Advertising a product by telling people not to buy it is a gamble, but it can work, and it is unique.

3.     Data Visuals

Use data visuals from studies to drive your point home. This will put numbers objectively in the eyes of potential customers.

4.     Add Humor

If you can put a smile on people’s faces, you can connect with positive emotion, and people will associate that emotion with your brand.

5.     Abstract Art

Having custom vinyl wall graphics designed with abstract art might confuse people, but it will also get them thinking. It’s a way to stick in people’s minds. Having your brand or business advertised with a piece of abstract art will make them remember your name.

6.     Re-create a Famous Picture

Using a well-known picture with some sort of twist to advertise your brand is a great way to leave an impression.

7.     Incorporate Your Surroundings

Think about how you can use the space on the wall in your actual design. For example, design a graphic that fits around a clock and incorporate the clock into your design

8.     Create a Game

Create a treasure hunt or some type of fun little game in your wall graphics to get people’s attention. Interactive advertising engages people’s minds.

9.     Shapes

Create a custom vinyl wall decal with contour cut edges that has a truly unique shape. Not everything has to be a square or rectangle.

10. Retro Graphics

Use black-and-white pictures or concepts from years past in your graphics. Retro graphics are making a comeback, so be one of the first to advertise with them before everyone is doing it.

Wall Graphics You Will Be Proud Of

When you work with us, we will work honestly and ethically with you to create the perfect sign that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. We love seeing our customers smile knowing they are happy with our work. Call us at 1-616-414-4996 or reach out through our contact page to set up a free consultation so we can start creating your wall graphics today.


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