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13 Fantastic Office and Business Wall Mural Designs

Tired decor and bland walls don’t just look boring; they’re hurting your team’s productivity! Instead of spending thousands of dollars on decor and repainting, you can transform your office with wall murals. Vinyl murals were cost-effective last year, and you can design them exactly as you want to.

Here are 13 ideas for business wall murals you should consider for your office.

13 Wall Mural Ideas You Should Consider for Your Office

1. Nature Scenes

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with a nature-themed mural. Whether it’s a forest, beach, or mountain landscape, nature scenes can instantly calm and inspire employees.

2. Cityscapes

For a more urban feel, consider a cityscape mural. From the bright lights of Times Square to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, there are endless options to showcase your favorite city. They’re a great way to show all the cities in which you have offices.

3. Abstract Art

Add some color and intrigue to your walls with an abstract art mural. This style can range from bold and vibrant to subtle and subdued, depending on your preference.

4. Inspirational Quotes

Keep your team motivated and focused with an inspirational quote mural. Choose a quote that aligns with your company values or mission statement and display it prominently.

5. Historical Figures

Honor the great minds and leaders of the past with a historical figure mural. From Albert Einstein to Martin Luther King Jr., these murals can serve as a reminder of the impact individuals can make.

6. Sports Teams

Not everything has to be related to work. Show off your team spirit with murals of your local sports teams. Whether it’s a local high school team or a professional franchise, these murals can add fun and excitement to your space.

7. Event Photos

Take your mind back to fun team outings with murals showing event photos. They aren’t just a great way to remember fun events but work to the next one too!

8. Company Logo

Showcase your brand with a vinyl wall mural. This can not only add some visual interest to your space but also reinforce your company identity.

9. Maps

Similar to the skyline, consider a map mural. This can be a world map showing the locations of your offices, clients, or travels your team has been on.

10. Music Icons

Nearly 75% of all people listen to music while working. Pay homage to famous bands and add some rhythm and soul to your space. They’re great conversation starters with customers too!

11. Food and Drink

For those in the hospitality or food industry, a food and drink wall mural can be a great choice. Whether it’s a colorful display of fruits and vegetables or a classic cocktail recipe, these murals can add some flavor to your walls.

12. Achievements and Awards

You’ve done the work and won recognition; now it’s time to show off. Use business wall murals to proudly display recognitions, awards, achievements, and more.

13. Blank Canvas

That’s right…display a blank white sheet or a chalkboard that your employees or visitors can fill in. Get people drawing, writing, and painting on the mural, and take engagement to the next level.

Create Stunning Vinyl Wall Murals for Your Office

Not sure where to start? Work with a creative team that loves to make spaces pop with wall murals near you! Book a free consultation to discuss ideas for a wall mural near you and do up your space effortlessly.

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