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Stunning Window Graphic Ideas that Turn Heads

To increase your foot traffic, you need to turn heads. Window graphics are one of the best ways to catch attention and turn your window shoppers into something more. If you are low on creative ideas to make your brand stand out with commercial window signs, we can help.

Talk to our designers in Grand Rapids today. Or, get inspired by some of the stunning window graphics ideas below.

Show Local Support

We have made creative, cartoonish window decals that speak to customers and signal local support. One of the best ways to get people in your doors if you are a local business is to remind them that when they shop with you, they are supporting Grand Rapids at large.

Knowing that their dollar stay in the community will make a stark difference in how they spend their money.

Large, Simple Signs

Storefronts with a lot of window space should invest in large, simple signs that can turn heads. We have created signs with large red lettering and a simple message: just the brand name.

These signs function like other major storefront signs, but at the level of pedestrians, getting lots of attention. This is a great tactic for office window signage, especially for offices that are otherwise hard to find.

Glimpses Inside

Many commercial window signs are installed to promote the business and offer privacy for those inside the building. That includes yoga studios, spas, event venues, residential rental space, and much more.

For these businesses, it can be very clever to offer impactful window signs which show off some of the amenities inside the building. A spa might show off a relaxing sauna, all without compromising that serene environment with large windows.

Happy Customers

You can create larger than life images on your windows with vinyl signs. One of the most effective ways for retailers to take advantage of this is to show off satisfied customers enjoying your products or services.

For example, a restaurant can show off a family digging into their food, a retail store can display a woman showing off her new dress, or an athlete competing with their new bike are all great options for the relevant retailers.

Choose Creative Window Signs for Businesses in Grand Rapids  

Which window graphic ideas will work with your brand identity and help appeal to your target customer in Grand Rapids? There are many different creative ideas available online, but generating one specifically for your brand takes skill. Reach out to the experts at Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics to talk to an expert who can create a design specifically for you.

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