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7 Types of Interior Signs to Boost Your Business

When it comes to boosting your business with interior signs, there are many ways to do so. You can use the signs to improve the customer experience, promote products and services, provide directions, share information, and much more. In turn, this can translate into happier customers, more sales, and increased revenue for your business.

Curious about the types of signs available and how you can use them to your benefit? Consider the sign types below and your options for incorporating them into your establishment.

Types of Interior Signs to Consider for Your Business

1. Lobby Signs

Welcome customers and guests to your location with a lobby sign introducing your company; this could be a large logo, slogan, details about your products and services, and many more options. For additional impact, consider backlit signs, signs with a 3D effect, and eye-catching sign materials such as metal.

2. ADA Signs

Support individuals of all abilities by creating ADA signs that assist them with navigating through your business. Guidelines in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design outline requirements for these signs related to font, colors, placement, and more factors.

3. Wall Graphics

High-quality vinyl wall graphics will transform blank walls in your business into works of art. Consider displaying a picturesque scene that will transport guests to the desired location. You can also use graphics to showcase your logo, words of motivation, and other messages with both customers and employees.

4. Floor Graphics

Maximize your floor space with floor graphics that direct people, improve traffic flow, advertise your offerings, and reinforce your brand. Working with a professional installer will ensure your graphics are free of bubbles and have a seamless look.

5. Window Signs and Decals

Whether your goal is to increase privacy or advertise your products and services, window signs and decals can help. High-visibility window displays are a powerful marketing tool, and signs, banners, and decals will intrigue prospects.

6. Wayfinding and Directory Signs

Help customers make their way through your business with directories and wayfinding signs. A directory lists the occupants in a multi-tenant facility and where to find them. Wayfinding signs will then point customers in the right direction as they make their way through a building.

7. Hanging Signs

Take advantage of vertical space with hanging signs that elevate your business. You can communicate promotions, directions, and other information to guests within your facility through hanging signs that are available in a variety of materials.

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