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Custom Window Graphics Can Elevate Your Business

Advertising is of paramount importance to every business – and a smart entrepreneur knows that investing in it is going to reap valuable results later on. If you’re interested in finding something that works for you, there are a lot of options that you can choose from! Custom window graphics are some of the best of these options.

Increases Business Visibility

Signs are important to raising awareness for your offered products or services; in fact, according to market surveys, a large portion of people that walk into a store did so because of the sign that they saw outside. Window graphics are effective at catching the attention of passersby, enough to entice them to become one of your paying customers.

Additionally, signs are said to be seen about 50 to 60 times by anyone living within 5 miles of your shop every month. Think of the exponential conversion possibilities! When you get signs that are tailored to your exact branding, you also target the specific demographic for your business products or services. So you don’t just get people; you get the people that are ready to buy from you.

Impresses Your Target Market

Speaking of enticing clients, custom window decals also do not stop at getting your target market to walk through the door. Research says that good signage can positively impact your business profits, and the size and design of the sign factor heavily into this. For instance, larger storefront signage in Grand Rapids, MI, or in other areas is said to contribute as much as a 7% increase in sales.

On top of that, signage is considered to be as effective as 24 full-page ads. There are a lot of reasons for this. First off, branded window decals deliver an immediate impression to your potential customers, which helps facilitate their purchasing decisions. Secondly, they give people a glimpse into your offered business experience, which can trigger their buyer journeys. And you call the shots on deciding how they look and for how long you can put them up, which leaves you a lot of room for making the necessary adjustments for seasonal promotions, holiday sales, and other events.

Boosts Brand Experience

Finally, window graphics help encapsulate your brand experience. When they are done right, they tell your potential customers about your trustworthiness as a business, the quality of service that you deliver, and the value that they are getting in becoming your customer.

The Finest Vinyl Graphics Provider in Michigan

Are you sold on custom window decals yet? Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics is your trusted provider of custom window signs in Grand Rapids, MI, and nearby areas. We have worked on various projects, delivering excellent results every time. We are confident that we can handle your requirements and needs, as well as work with your budget.

We take care of every facet of the process for you, from conceptualizing the design to installing and maintaining your sign. Give us a call now to get a free consultation.

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