Lobby Signs

What are the Uses of Lobby Signs?

Whose lobby are you in? That is a question that your customers and guests should never be asking themselves. Lobby signs are the solution that can reassure people that they have found the right place and, more importantly, what kind of business you are.

These signs help make brand identities, impress customers, and ensure that they allow customers to connect with your brand and have a wonderful experience in your building. Getting an effective office lobby sign is one of the best things you can do for your brand. Here are some of the ways that you can use these signs to do more for your business.

Improve the Aesthetics of Your Space

Your lobby space is a chance to impress your customers, as well as your guests, and everyone else who walks through your door. A well-designed custom lobby sign should help with that. It should work with the interior design of your space, with materials and colors that thoughtfully match the other design elements of your space.

In particular, lighted signs improve the design of your entrance and can bring more attention to your brand.

Let Your Brand Make an Impact

There is a reason that the top companies in Grand Rapids all have lobby signs when you walk through their doors. These signs represent each brand in the best light possible.

Proper design goes beyond just copying the colors and font your brand already uses. Elements like layout, mounting, materials, lighting and much more add depth and sophistication to your brand identity and help make it more impactful.

Offer a Wayfinding Touchstone

You want everyone who walks through your doors to feel welcome in your space, to know that they are in the right place, and to connect with your brand.

Your lobby sign offers a wayfinding touchstone that helps orient people in your space. Before anyone speaks to them, they will already feel safe, included, and as though the company cares about them.

Choose Custom Lobby Signs in Grand Rapids

Fresh Coast Signs & Graphics can offer you stunning, custom-made lobby signs in Grand Rapids which represent what is unique about your brand and offer you elevated branding benefits. We offer acrylic lobby signs, metal signs, and can use many other materials to make your custom sign suit your interior design.

Allow your brand to make an impact, make your lobby space more impressive, and give your customers or clients the touchstone they need to connect with your brand and feel welcome. Reach out to our designers to get started on your design today.

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