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5 Tips To Get You Started In Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are vinyl sheets wrapped on your vehicle and are used to increase brand awareness or influence buying behavior. How much they cost depends on the type of wrap — if it’s a full wrap or just a partial wrap. We recommend hiring an experienced designer to create and install car exterior graphics that entice your target audience. If you want to learn more, read our tips below.

Consider the Vehicle’s Features and Dimensions

Before drafting a design, get the vehicle’s height, length and width first. If there are customized features in your company car, let the designer know. Better yet, have the designer look at the vehicle to better size it up. The last thing you want is to produce a vehicle graphic that might confuse potential customers. For it to be effective, the vehicle graphics must be designed for the vehicle. 

Keep it Simple Yet Eye- Catching

It can be tempting to produce an elaborate vehicle graphic to catch a customer’s attention. The only risk is that customers might not be able to fully grasp it especially when the vehicle is moving. Go for a simple yet attractive design, a clear and impactful graphic to make a potential client look closely at it. Be sure to include your business name, website or contact information in case the customer wants to get in touch. 

Include a Powerful Photo 

Consumers are attracted to images because they are easy to identify and pictures can evoke emotions. Combining an enticing photo of your product or service with a short yet effective marketing copy can influence a purchase decision. Make sure the entire graphic can be captured in 3 or 4 seconds so that customers can remember (and retain) it better. 

Go for a Full Wrap

For car exterior graphics, a full wrap is more effective. A full wrap can cover almost the entire car’s exterior area including the windows and bumpers. Partial wraps only cover a small area of your vehicle. The latter is more affordable but going for a full wrap can attract more customers. Full vinyl vehicle graphics are more eye-catching and enticing. If your goal is to increase sales, we recommend going for a full wrap. Yes, it will cost more but it also yields a bigger return on investment. 

Be Consistent With Branding 

All advertising materials must be consistent with your brand colors, design and tagline. Consistency is important as that’s how customers will recognize you. Clients will likely remember your brand name when they see it often. Also, they will start associating your logo or tagline with your brand if they are constantly reminded of it. 

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